Is it cheaper to switch both gas and electricity to the same provider?

Dual fuel tariffs could help to keep your costs down when you compare gas and electricity prices, so it’s definitely worth considering having your electricity and gas with the same provider.

First up, let’s bust the jargon. What does ‘dual fuel’ mean?

(Warning, it’s much more straight forward and disappointingly much less fun than it sounds). Well, it’s relatively simple. Essentially it means that an energy provider will supply you with both your gas and electricity. (See what we mean!) And dual fuel tariffs are fairly common – most fixed, online and standard tariffs offer some sort of dual fuel option.

Why should you look at dual fuel when you compare energy prices?

Opting for dual fuel can potentially get you a discount on your energy bills. And, here at Switchcraft, we’re all about keeping those energy prices down. Waaaaay down. Suppliers often offer discounts of up to 15%, if you have both your gas and electricity with them and pay by direct debit.

This is usually an annual or monthly discount which will come off your bills. It’s a no-brainer really for a cheap energy deal! And there are even more discounts on offer – some suppliers also offer discounts for online bill management and paperless billing.

Is it really that much easier to manage?

Yes, we’d say so. One company to deal with; potentially just one bill (if your supplier offers combined bills); one point of contact and just one phone call to query bills or give meter readings. You don’t need to spend ages ringing around different suppliers.

After all, it’s the small things that can make life that little bit easier.

Why compare energy prices?

Opting for dual fuel is just one way you can save on your energy. Regularly comparing energy tariffs, to find cheap energy deals, and then changing supplier is another option. If that sounds great but you just don’t have the time, we can help.

Let’s face it, who has the time to compare energy prices, search out cheap energy deals then swap their details over to a new provider? We’re willing to bet you’re getting bored just thinking about it. Plus, you’re not a comparison expert, but Switchcraft is. That’s why, at Switchcraft, we do all the hard work for you. Yes, really. Read on to see how.

How do I find the cheapest dual fuel tariff?

Historically, the only way to ensure you got the best energy deals was to compare energy tariffs and regularly change provider – with all the hassle that entails. The alternative was to stick with your existing provider and pay over the odds for your energy.

At Switchcraft, we compare energy deals from lots of different energy suppliers with our automated gas and electricity comparison technology. When we find you a great deal, we switch you over to the new tariff automatically. Want to find out how we could save you time and money by switching your gas and electricity providers? We’re ready when you are.

Switch your energy supplier

To help with rising energy costs you can should lower your energy bills by trusting us to find you great energy deals, year after year. 

About Switchcraft

We believe that everyone deserves a fair deal on energy. Switchcraft is a free auto switching service that scours the energy market for great gas and electricity deals for you. Signing up takes less than 3 minutes and after that, our system automatically switches you to a new deal each year. Save money on your bills by doing nothing. And you’ll always be in control if, for whatever reason, you can cancel at any time.