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What can Switchcraft do for me?

We offer automated energy tariff switching.

So we guarantee you’re always on the cheapest deal for the amount of energy you use.

How is Switchcraft different from price comparison sites?

With price comparison sites, you need to keep checking regularly you’re still on the cheapest tariff.  Switchcraft monitors your tariff and switches you whenever there’s a better deal. So you never need to worry about switching again.

How do you work out what tariff to switch me to?

The most important things when choosing a tariff are:

1. Make sure you’re never transferred to an expensive “standard” tariff

2. Choose a tariff which is appropriate for your consumption level

We also take into account other things. For example,  how prices have changed since you signed up to your tariff and movements in energy markets.

We’ve worked hard to make our tariff selection system as effective as possible, so we keep the precise details confidential.

How frequently will I be switched?

Normally, once a year. If energy prices move significantly, it might be more often. But we reckon you probably don’t want to change energy supplier every month!

How can you offer the service for free?

As with price comparison sites, we’re paid a small commission by suppliers when we introduce a customer to them. We are completly impartial and will never favour one of our suppliers over another.

What if I don’t want to switch?

After your initial switch, which you trigger, we’ll send you an email before we switch you again.

If you don’t want to go ahead, just let us know. There’s also a 14-day cooling off period after each switch. So you can still change your mind.

What’s the point of switching supplier regularly?

Loyalty to your energy supplier is often punished. Suppliers offer their best prices to new customers.

By switching supplier regularly, you’re always a new customer!

Can you tell me more about what happens when I switch suppliers?

The process should take 17 days. Sometimes it may take slightly longer.

We pass your details to your new supplier.

For the first 14 days, you’re in a cooling off period so you can still cancel the switch.

Your new supplier will contact you to let you know when they will take over the supply. They’ll also ask for a meter reading.

There’s no need to contact your old supplier to tell them you’re leaving. They may contact you if you have any unpaid bills.

There’ll be no interruption to your supply - we promise.  And there won’t be any building work either!

Which suppliers can you switch me to?

We work with the majority of UK suppliers, including:

Affect Energy
Better Energy
Brilliant Energy
Bristol Energy
British Gas (Scottish Gas & Nwy Prydain)
Co-operative Energy
Economy Energy
EDF Energy
Flow Energy
Future Energy
GB Energy Supply
Good Energy
Green Energy UK
Green Network Energy
Green Star Energy
LoCO2 Energy
Octopus Energy
Ovo Energy
Places for People Energy
Robin Hood Energy
Sainsbury's Energy
Scottish & Southern Brands (SSE, SSE Atlantic, SSE Southern Electric, SSE Scottish Hydro, SSE Swalec and M&S Energy)
Spark Energy
Together Energy
Toto Energy

We'd love to add the remaining few suppliers to our panel, so if you work for one of them, please get in touch.

Updated July 2017

Why has my direct debit not gone down?

Your regular direct debit is based on how much energy your supplier expects you to use. If, for example, winter is coming, they might set it at a higher level.

If you do feel your direct debit is too high, you can ask your supplier to change it.

How do you calculate projected savings amounts?

We'll be the first to admit that the method is not perfect. We use it because it's standard across the industry and mandated by the regulator Ofgem.

It works like this:

  1. Your savings are calculated over a standard 12 month period.
  2. We assume that you remain on your current tariff until its end date, and then roll onto your supplier's Standard Variable Tariff for the remainder of the 12 months.
  3. The total cost of your energy over the period is compared with what you would pay on each proposed new deal.

It's important to be aware that you can sometimes be paying more for your energy after switching to a new deal, even when you are shown a projected saving. But it'll still be cheaper than not switching at all, because you'll avoid expensive Standard Variable Tariffs.

What if I have a smart meter?

You can still switch if you have a smart meter, but the smart features of the meter may stop working. The meter will have to be read in the same way as a traditional meter.

A second generation of smart meters, called SMETS2, is coming soon. These will work on a standardised communications network, so you won't lose any functionality when switching supplier.

If you've been offered a smart meter by your supplier, you might want to hold off until they are able to offer you a new SMETS2 meter. The first SMETS2 meters should be installed in late 2017.

How do you keep my information secure?

We take data security very, very seriously. Our customer data is stored in cloud services, which use state of the art encryption technology to keep them 100% secure.

We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner's Office.