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Is your Landlord breaking the law by renting out a cold home? How to check

Switchcraft’s research found that tenants paying up to five time more for their heating due to poor energy efficiency.

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The Sun
January 26 2020

Energy bills warning: Brits urged to watch out as overnight price hikes are just days away

Switchcraft has offered some top tips on how billpayers can make their money go further.

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The Express
December 29 2019

Opaque’ wholesale market propping up energy bills

Efforts to lower energy bills will continue to flounder so long as most gas and electricity is bought and sold through “opaque” bilateral contracts, Switchcraft has argued.

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Utility Week
December 16 2019

Start-ups put their faith in tech for good

Not all technology firms are run by egomaniacs. Some want to make the world better — as well as make money.

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The Times
December 1 2019

Energy giants sit on £1.5bn of your cash: How to demand a refund as suppliers use your credit balances as their bank

The investigation by Switchcraft, a service that automatically moves consumers to cheaper tariffs, shows that nearly a quarter of customers’ complaints related to overcharging or having direct debits increased – despite being in credit.

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The Mail on Sunday
October 26 2019

Energy discounts that could knock hundreds off your winter bills if you apply now

“As the mercury drops, we can be certain that one thing will rise,” Alex Dickson at Switchcraft said.

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The Mirror
October 26 2019

Another energy supplier goes bust: Toto Energy ceases to trade leaving 134,000 customers in limbo a DAY after Ofgem revealed reform plans

Switchcraft said: “That Toto Energy – a company with an appalling track record – was able to purchase 43,000 new customers only three months ago is dumbfounding.”

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The Mail on Sunday
October 23 2019

Why do energy firms keep going bust?

Auto-switching service Switchcraft says it is now “survival of the fittest” in retail energy markets.

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The Independent
September 15 2019

Prepayment plans are ‘financial prison sentence for millions of households’

Auto-switching service Switchcraft claims these deals can lock billpayers into an ‘energy-poverty trap’

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Energy Live News
July 17 2019

Energy firms pay out more than £10m in fines for rule-breaking

Switchcraft, said: “It’s great to see Ofgem on the front foot when it comes to enforcement actions against suppliers.

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This is Money
July 8 2019
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