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Why energy suppliers owe YOU £1.4bn (and how you can get it back): Greedy firms hoard cash from customers in credit on their bills

Andrew Long, founder of comparison site Switchcraft, says smaller energy firms are particularly susceptible to using surplus credit balances to their ‘advantage’.

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This Is Money
April 21 2021
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Thousands of outdated smart meters still being installed each month

Andrew Long of Switchcraft said “Any energy supplier still installing last generation smart meters needs to give a very clear justification for their actions”

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The Telegraph
March 3 2021
Price increase

Scandal: Scots anger over energy price rise

Founder and chief executive of, Andrew Long said the “biggest scandal” in the energy market is still the way the most vulnerable customers pay the most. “It should be illegal for prepayment customers to be charged more”

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The Herald
February 6 2021
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Regulator raises energy price cap for UK consumers by nearly 10%

Switchcraft said it made “no sense” to increase prices when 2.1m families were already behind on their bills. “The biggest scandal in the energy market is still the way the most vulnerable customers pay the most”.

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The Financial Times
February 5 2021
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Why is my power firm allowed to hold on to £830 of MY money?

Andrew Long is chief executive of Switchcraft which automatically moves customers on to cheaper gas and electricity tariffs. He says: ‘Energy suppliers love to keep your account in credit and then use your money to run their business.”

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This is Money
January 9 2021
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10 simple ways to get richer in 2021

‘I enjoy the warm feeling of knowing I’m not overpaying without having to do anything myself. The switches all happen in the background, my direct debit is changed automatically – and I just get an email saying it’s been done.’

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This is Money
December 26 2020
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Loyalty to your energy supplier doesn’t pay – switch

“With some suppliers understandably behind on their bills with the pandemic, I wouldn’t be surprised if more suppliers quietly bump up direct-debit payment demands,” says Andrew Long, chief executive of Switchcraft

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Money Week
December 22 2020
Safe filled with cash

How to foil sneaky tricks energy giants use to hang on to piles of YOUR cash

Some industry experts believe suppliers will be keener than ever to hoard customers’ overpayments. Andrew Long is chief executive of Switchcraft, an auto-switching service that moves customers on to cheaper energy deals on their behalf.

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This is Money
December 13 2020
keep house warm

Experts warn households could be forced onto more expensive energy tariff with new supplier

Andrew Long, founder of Switchcraft, warns that there are signs other suppliers could be struggling.

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This is Money
October 18 2020
gas hob

Tonik Energy goes bust

Andrew Long, CEO and founder of, says: “Today’s news about Tonik energy isn’t a surprise given their £8.7m Renewables Obligation debt…”

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Your Money
October 6 2020
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