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Brilliant Energy becomes tenth energy firm to fail

Auto-switching site Switchcraft, said that with so many customers moving to suppliers and tariffs they had not chosen “the industry is in crisis and the regulator needs to step in”.

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March 11 2019

British Gas becomes latest supplier to slap customers with energy price cap rise

Switchcraft, added: “British Gas customers will now see £409.5 million added to their energy bills as a result of the price hike.

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The Mirror
February 19 2019

‘It’s become so easy to set up an energy firm’: As the bubble bursts, will your supplier be the next to go bust in the challenging year ahead?

Switchcraft, says: ‘There’s a real risk of further bankruptcies. It’s become so easy to set up an energy supplier that many new ones have emerged without a realistic business plan or proper funding.’

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The Mail on Sunday
February 17 2019

Why two investment bankers founded an energy switching startup

That startup idea was Switchcraft, an online service where customers enter their details once and are automatically moved to the best possible energy deal.

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February 5 2019

Winter likely to finish off some energy firms, analysts say

Andrew Long, founder of another automatic switching site – Switchcraft – said that the cap had already led to a clustering of prices.

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January 11 2019

Start-up offers automatic switching to cut home energy bills

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The Financial Times
April 10 2018

Move supplier with minimum effort

New automated switching services will not only find you the best deal, but do the boring admin too

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The Times
March 24 2018
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