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Founded in 2019, Cuckoo is very much a newcomer in the broadband space and is trying to shake up the industry. Cuckoo broadband wants to keep it simple by not overcomplicating things like many other broadband companies can be accused of. Uniquely, they offer broadband contracts on a one month rolling basis, donating 1% of your bill to charity. But is the provider any good?


Download Speeds67 to 900 Mbps
Upload Speeds8 to 115 Mbps
Type of broadbandFibre
Home Phone/TV PackagesYes/No
CostFrom £29.99/month

Download speeds

To get Cuckoo’s broadband you must have access to a fibre connection (FTTC), which is now available to 86% of The UK. If you have an FTTC connection Cuckoo offers three types of broadband with different speeds and price points. Their lowest cost deal, offers 67 Mbps of average download speed, which allows for video calls with 20 people at a time, and more than enough bandwidth for even a few people in your home streaming shows and gaming. Their fastest deal has an average download speed of 900 Mbps, enabling you download a 6 season box set in just under a minute and a half.

Upload speeds 

For the vast majority of us, our internet usage is mainly download-oriented – accessing info like pictures, videos or files from the web so upload speeds aren’t all that important.  Cuckoo’s upload speeds range from 8 to 115 Mbps depending on the deal selected. 


Cuckoo offers to ship you a Technicolor DGA0122 for free if you require a new router. This router will be perfectly capable of providing you the internet Cuckoo offers, they claim it “cancels out background interference to keep your devices connected in more areas of your home [and] it also dynamically shifts you onto the best frequency depending on how close you are to the router”.


Unusually Cuckoo charge £60.00 as standard, for all installations. While some other providers may also do this, they tend to waive the fee if you are happy to sign up to a 12+ month contract. But since Cuckoo doesn’t have any contracts, all customers are charged. 

In most cases, if you have an existing landline switching to Cuckoo will take an industry standard of around 10-14 days to activate your broadband. In this time, they’ll send you your new router and then it will be a relatively simple process of plugging in and getting online. Again, this is the case for most customers, but each property is different, and some existing landlines may still need a technician to come out and set up your broadband which may slow down the process. 

If you don’t have an existing landline you will need to arrange an installation with Cuckoo, but no additional installation fee will be charged. If an installation is required, it will take longer than 14 days.


As of October 2021, Cuckoo has a 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. This is very impressive because Trustpilot famously attracts an overwhelmingly negative bias as customers are a lot more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one.

Looking through many reviews it seems customers who choose to leave a positive review overwhelmingly write about how happy they have been with Cuckoo’s customer service.  While customers’ reviews who have not been so happy tend to be centred around installation and connection issues.

Their customer support team is all based in the UK and can be contacted via phone or email or live chat.

Email: hello@cuckoo.co
Call on: 0203 389 7211 (Phone line open weekdays 9 am-5 pm)


What we likeWhat we are not too keen on
No contractHigh set up costs
Decent speed as standard even on cheapest dealMust be able to get fibre
Transparent pricing   

If you’re after a quick connection, then Cuckoo’s offering is a very transparent and simple choice that won’t tie you into a long contract. Although they do have high installation fees, they do offer a high spec router and donate 1% of each bill to less affluent parts of the world to help get them online. Although this is also dependent on an FTTC connection being available in your area. 

Cuckoo’s simplified approach may deter some customers though who may wish to include TV bundles.

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