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Energy API

Our Energy Application Programming Interface offers gas and electricity information for households in Great Britain. It allows businesses partnering with us to build their own energy comparison and switching journey. As a user of our API, you have complete control over the way switching offers are presented to your users within your website or app.

The API includes comprehensive address-level data including current supplier, energy usage and meter details, including for smart meters. It also enables access to current and historical tariff data covering the whole market.

Alongside our data, partners using our API can access our panel of energy suppliers, including renewable energy options, and get paid commission for every switch completed via our platform.

We’re also happy to work with partners who might find our data useful in a different context. For example, one current partner uses it to provide information in an app on the cost of charging electric vehicles, and another uses it to power a cost of living dashboard.

What makes our Energy API the best in the industry?


We want to make switching as simple and elegant as possible, so our API supports “quick quote”, generating an energy quote from an address. We look up all the relevant supplier, energy consumption and meter details and return a list of energy plans available for that address.

For switching websites, this elegant user experience means that 40% more users go on to switch than if you’d asked them to fill in these details themselves. It also enables personalised content – you can proactively show app users or logged-in website visitors how much they could save by switching.

As an API user, you’re also able to use whatever analytics or session recording tools you usually use to optimise your user journeys, and you can use our status endpoint to follow your switches through to the point where you get paid commission. Our support doesn’t stop when the switch application is submitted – we take “go live” rates very seriously and work closely with suppliers to optimise them.


The loyalty penalty in the energy market, the way loyal customers are charged more, is a huge problem for households. Our API uniquely supports automatic switching at the end of the user’s initial plan, which means that they never pay expensive default rates. Energy suppliers pay us commission for each switch, unlocking substantially higher Lifetime Value for you than for one-off switching.

Cross sell

Because users switching using our API complete the switch application process on our site, you can cross sell other products far more effectively than before by presenting offers at the end of the energy user journey. You can re-use any information the user has already entered, for example by running a broadband quote using our broadband API, offering the user another chance to save money and generating more commission income.

What’s next?

We’re incredibly excited about how open banking data can be combined with our API to create 1-click switching. Organisations such as Personal Finance Management apps which already hold some basic user data can combine it with our APIs to replace the traditional price comparison experience altogether. Rather than the user having to research and compare products, you can proactively suggest the deal that best meets their needs and allow them to switch then and there with one tap.

API Documentation

For developers, here are our Energy API documents including several example queries. We welcome all feedback and would be happy to consider updates to the API or bespoke projects. For developers, you can find comprehensive information for integrating with our API

If you’re interested in energy switching but don’t know where to start with the API, you may find that our White Label product is a better fit. Either way, please get in touch to learn more.
We also offer a Broadband switching API.

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