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Energy API

Our API offers several unique features such as access to energy industry household data and automatic switching. If you’re looking for an API partner to help your audience switch energy, please get in touch.

API partnerships

Our API gives you complete control over the way switching offers are presented to your users.

Use the unique features of our platform to serve quotes and alerts directly within your website or app, with a look and feel unique to you.

The API partnership is ideal for partners that are set up to handle front end development while we handle the backend switching platform.

API benefits

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Seamless integration

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Increased control

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Experiences unique to you

Seamless integration

With an API partnership, quotes can appear directly within your existing web pages, campaigns and applications. If you want to add a quote to an existing drop-down menu – you can. If you want to create a tariff comparison that looks just like another page of your app – you can.

Experiences unique to you

An API partnership allows you to serve switching quotes anywhere you like. This could be seamlessly adding quotes to your existing user flow, pulling them in to your digital marketing campaigns or using them to enhance your CRM with personalised messages.

Increased control

As an API partner you can build and customise every element of your user journey so the look and feel fit with your brand and suit your users. Additionally, users will stay within your platforms, so you’ll have complete visibility with your existing site analytics.

API Documentation

For developers, you can find comprehensive information for integrating with our API here.

Connect your audience to great deals

Our technology powers end-to-end energy and broadband switching with minimal data entry by the user, enabling industry-leading conversion rates.

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