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Our Energy White Label site is the perfect solution if you want to offer your users energy switching without the hassle of building your own complete switching website yourself. With our white label site product, our energy switching user journey is integrated into your website. Your users will see your brand and remain on your domain but the switching journey is hosted by us.

We pay commission for each completed switch. We can also handle any customer service queries so that you can focus completely on driving traffic to your site.

Why use our Energy White Label?

Optimised user journey

When you sign up to use our white label you benefit from the years of work that we’ve invested to build the perfect switching experience, including “quick quote”, where users can get a bespoke quote just by entering their address. We’ve hired top designers, consulted CRO experts and A/B tested every element to create a switching journey that converts brilliantly.

Automatic switching

Our white label allows you to offer auto switching to your users, meaning that they avoid the loyalty penalty and your website is able to generate more switching commission over time from the same investment in marketing.

Cross sell

Because users switching using our API complete the switch application process on our site, you can cross sell other products far more effectively than before by presenting offers at the end of the energy user journey. You can re-use any information the user has already entered, for example by running a broadband quote using our broadband API, offering the user another chance to save money and generating more commission income.

If you’re looking for a more flexible and powerful solution, you can find out more about our Energy Switching API. If you’re interested in other products, we also offer a Broadband White Label.

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