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With so many gas and electricity suppliers in the energy market, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit confused. That’s why we specialise in taking the hassle out of your hands and switching you to great deals year after year. We find energy deals from a wide range of suppliers including, the Big Six, medium to small-sized providers and even ‘green’ energy companies.

Other Great Value Energy Suppliers

There are now over 60 ‘other’ energy companies in the UK, all differing in size and services. These span from companies like OVO Energy, the most prominent energy supplier not among the Big Six, to small suppliers like Fairerpower, who only provide energy to residents in the Lancashire and Cheshire East areas of the UK.

Affect Energy

Affect Energy is a new supplier of gas and electricity tariffs in the UK and runs its operations...


Airtricity or SSE Airtricity (formerly Eirtricty) is a renewable energy supplier, generator of electricity and


Atlantic or SSE Atlantic is an energy supplier which is part of SSE. Although a member of

Avro Energy

Avro Energy was a Warwickshire-based energy supplier that prides itself on providing low-cost energy deals...

Better Energy

Better Energy is a domestic and business energy supplier based in Nottingham whose motto is "Same energy"

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy was formally owned by Bristol Council but was bought by Together Energy in 2020.

British Gas Evolve

British Gas Evolve are an energy supplier priding themselves in providing simple, green and affordable electricity...

BT Broadband

Budget Energy

Budget Energy is an electricity supplier based in Londonderry, Northen Ireland. Budget Energy says

Bulb Energy

Bulb Energy is an innovative green gas and electricity supplier based in London that, at present, offers just one tariff...

Co-Op Energy

In August 2019 Co-Op energy entered a strategic partnership with Octopus Energy who manage their customers...


Cuckoo Broadband


Daligas is a London-based independent gas supplier that offers both fixed and variable tariffs while promoting

E.ON Next

E.ON Next is an energy supplier offering 100% renewable electricity, with flexible tariffs and personalised customer service...


Ebico is an Oxfordshire and Nottingham-based “community-spirited” energy company and the UK’s first


Ecotricity is a gas and electricity supplier based in Stroud in the UK. Ecotricity claims to be the ‘greenest'...

EE Broadband

Enstroga Energy

Enstroga Energy is a gas and electricity supplier that serves and is based, in many different locations in Europe...

Extra Energy

Extra Energy (or extraenergy) was an independent energy supplier that was based in Birmingham. It supplied gas


Fairerpower is a not-for-profit energy supplier that provides gas and electricity to residents of Cheshire and Lancashire.

Firmus Energy

Firmus Energy is a supplier of natural gas based in Northern Ireland. At the moment, it only supplies homes in the Ten Towns area

First Utility

First Utility was a gas, electricity and broadband provider that was acquired by Shell Energy and later renamed under its parent company’s name.

Flow Energy

Co-creators of the ‘Flow Boiler’, Flow Energy is an energy supplier based in Ipswich in East Anglia.

G Network

GB Energy

GB Energy was a low-cost challenger energy supplier that was partnered with Octopus Energy and based in Preston. It offered its customers


GnERGY was a self-styled “community” energy supplier in the UK based in Hampshire...

Good Energy

Good Energy is a British energy company, based in Chippenham, that supplies gas and electricity...

Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK is a Hertfordshire-based gas and electricity company. It is the only supplier in the UK to offer 100% renewable energy.

Green Star Energy

Green Star Energy (formerly Pioneer Energy) was a gas and electricity supplier based in Milton Keynes...

HUB energy

HUB energy was a gas and electricity supplier that has since been taken over by E.ON Next.


iSupplyEnergy was a gas and electricity company run by the Swedish state-owned energy group Vattenfall but based in Dorset.

iTalk Broadband

John Lewis Broadband

LoCO2 Energy

LoCO2 Energy (or just LoCO2) was an electricity supplier who provided low-carbon based energy to homes and had a network of hydropower stations

M&S Energy

M&S Energy is a relatively new gas and electricity provider, based in Swindon, that was formed as a result of a partnership between...

Nabuh Energy

Nabuh Energy is an energy provider, based in Sheffield, that focuses primarily on prepayment customers...

Neo Energy

Neo Energy is a brand managed by Euston Energy limited. They are a new energy supplier based in London...

NOW broadband

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is a gas and electricity company, based in London, that buys energy on the wholesale market...

Onestream Broadband

Openreach Network

Opus Energy

Opus Energy is an energy provider based in Northampton that supplies gas and electricity solely to businesses across the United Kingdom.

Orbit Energy

Orbit Energy was an energy supplier based in London which promised “the best rate” to its customers...

Origin Broadband

Outfox The Market

Founded in 2017, Outfox The Market are an energy supplier providing renewable, green wind electricity....

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is a UK gas and energy supplier based in Bristol. OVO Energy’s gas and electricity sources come from...

People’s Energy

People’s Energy was a British gas and electricity supplier based in Musselburgh...

PFP Energy

PFP Energy was a British gas and electricity supplier, based in Preston, that used to be part of the Places for People...


Pop Telecom Broadband

Power NI

Power NI is the largest energy supplier in Northern Ireland providing around 65% of domestic homes with electricity. Power NI prides itself


Powershop is an online electricity retailer founded in New Zealand but with operations offices in Australia and the UK...

Robin Hood Energy

Robin Hood Energy was a not-for-profit energy supplier before being taken over...

Sainsbury’s Energy

Sainsbury's Energy is a virtual gas and electricity provider that partners with nPower...

Scottish Hydro

Scottish Hydro (or Scottish Hydro Electric) was an electricity supplier that started out as the North of Scotland

Shell Energy

Shell Energy are a supplier of gas and electricity based in Coventry that was formerly known as First Utility.

Shell Energy Broadband

Sky Broadband

So Energy

So Energy is a gas and electricity provider, based in London, whose aim is to bring “simplicity, honesty and great value”...


Solarplicity (formerly LoCO2 Energy) was a renewable energy and low-carbon electricity supplier based in the UK in Ware...

Southern Electric

Southern Electric was an energy supplier that started out as Southern Electricity Board. After which, it merged with

Spark Energy

Spark Energy is a Selkirk-based electricity and gas supplier that is run under the OVO Energy brand...

SSE Broadband


SWALEC (or SSE SWALEC) is SSE’s trading name for Wales and means “South Wales Electricity”. SWALEC started out as one part of the South Wales


Together Energy

Together Energy is a relatively new Scottish gas and electricity supplier, based in Clydebank...

Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy was a UK gas and electricity company, based in Birmingham, that called itself the “smartphone” of the energy industry...

Toto Energy

Toto Energy was a gas and electricity supplier based in Brighton. It provides itself on providing “smart energy”...


Utilita is a gas and electricity supplier based in Hampshire that offers only prepayment tariffs to its customers...

Utility Point

Utility Point was a gas and electricity supplier, based in Poole, that prided itself on rewarding its customers...

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is a relatively new and one of the largest energy companies outside the big six suppliers. Having entered the

Virgin Media

Vodafone Broadband

Woodland Trust Energy

Woodland Trust Energy is an independent energy supplier which is affiliated with the environmental project the Woodland Trust.

Zebra Power

Zebra Power was an independent energy supplier based in the UK in Ware...

Zog Energy

Zog Energy was a gas-only energy supplier that was said to offer some of the cheapest prices due to its low overheads, no-frills website

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