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EDF Energy is part of the EDF Group which is based in France. In the UK, EDF Energy has offices in London, Exeter, Sunderland, Hove, Crawley and Barnwood. The company is the union of several gas and electricity companies and energy boards including London Electricity, Virgin Energy and SEEBOARD. The French group is also active in pursuing renewable energy sources and is part of the Big Six energy suppliers in Great Britain.

EDF Customer Rating

EDF Energy has a 27% Positive Opinion rating on YouGov, with the brand particularly popular with Millennials, the Generation X and Baby Boomers. On Trustpilot, EDF Energy is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars.

FAQs about EDF

If you’re after more information about EDF, look no further. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below.

Does EDF have an app?

Yes. EDF has an app that’s free to download on smartphones and tablets, on both Android and iOS. Their app services include bill paying, account settings etc.

Do EDF do smart meters?

Yes. EDF Energy is planning to complete its smart meter rollout by 2020.

What are EDF's standing charges for gas and electric per day?

EDF’S daily standing charge is 26.25 pence and 18.9 pence per day for gas and electricity respectively. These charges apply to all EDF Energy’s tariffs.

Does EDF have exit fees?

If you leave EDF Energy before the end of your contract, you'll be charged £30 for each fuel. If you move house or switch tariffs with EDF Energy then these exit fees will be waived.

How to contact EDF Energy

You can get in touch with EDF Energy:

By email at customer_correspondence@EDFEnergy.com

On Twitter via @edfenergy

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