Switch energy automatically

Beat end-of-contract gas and electricity price rises. We monitor the market and automatically switch you to better deals for free.

Switch energy automatically

Beat end-of-contract gas and electricity price rises. We monitor the market and automatically switch you to better deals for free.

Our customers save £268 on average
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How energy auto switching works

Sign up in moments

Sign up in moments

Simply enter your postcode and select your address. We'll look up your current supplier and energy usage.

We'll show you all our top energy deals. Once you’re happy, enter a few more details to complete your sign up.


We organise the switch

We'll confirm the details of your new deal and begin the switching process.

We'll work with your new energy supplier to manage your switch, and our London-based team will be on hand to update you on your switch, every step of the way.

Keep looking

We keep looking for deals

Once your switch completes, our technology continues to work in the background.

When you can save by switching again, we'll send you the details of your next plan. Don't want to switch? No problem. Simply let us know and we'll cancel.

We work with top energy suppliers

Our switching service is 100% impartial. So, whether you want to focus on price, customer service, or even how and where your energy is sourced, our goal is to find you the best possible gas and electricity deal to suit your needs and budget.

We're paid a small commission from the suppliers we work with, so that we can continue to offer our service to you for free.

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Why is important to switch energy supplier?

If you don’t switch when your fixed deal ends, you’ll be rolled on to a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) which will charge you a much higher rate. For this reason, most households in the UK are being overcharged for their energy.


Switching energy suppliers is a quick and simple way to avoid this rate and save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

Why use automatic energy switching?

Automatic energy switching completely changes the way you get the best energy deals. At Switchcraft, we use automatic switching technology to take care of the entire process for you – saving you valuable time and money.


Our technology makes the entire switching process transparent, easy, efficient, and prevents you from being caught out by rolling onto a standard variable tariff once your fixed deal ends. The best part? We’ll keep switching you, automatically, as soon as each deal nears its end, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting a bad deal again.

How can Switchcraft be free?

We’re paid a commission by the energy suppliers that we switch our customers to, allowing us to offer our services for free.


We always present out deals in price order and our service is completely impartial, never favouring one of our suppliers over another.

When will Switchcraft switch me?

When we find a deal that will help you save, we’ll email you 14 days before starting the switching process. We’ll then email you again and send a text message once we start the automatic switching process.


If for any reason you don’t wish to move to this new supplier, you can always say ‘no’ by replying to the email we’ve sent. You can cancel the move with no consequences up to 5 working days after the switch is initiated.


If you’re on a fixed plan, we’ll switch you within the last 7 weeks (49 days), so you won’t have to pay any exit fees.


If you’re on a variable plan, we’ll normally switch you once a year. But if your supplier puts their prices up by more than 10%, we may switch you every six months.

How is Switchcraft different to price comparison sites and reminder services?

Price comparison websites require users to regularly check that they are still on the cheapest deal. Switchcraft on the other hand, monitors your plan and switches you automatically when a better deal becomes available, meaning you never need to worry about switching again.


Reminder services are not able to switch you to a new deal. These services scan the market periodically and will send you a reminder to switch, but you still need to switch by yourself. You risk the possibility of forgetting and rolling over to a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT), resulting in you being overcharged for your energy.

Will Switchcraft always get me the best deal?

We work with a large selection of UK suppliers to ensure we can offer a range of great deals.


As with all comparison sites, we may not always have the very cheapest deals on offer. Some suppliers don’t pass our tests for customer service and quality, and some don’t work with switching services or price comparison sites.

Which suppliers can you switch me to?

Switchcraft works impartially with a large selection of UK suppliers.


This panel has included: Avro Energy, Better Energy, Boost, British Gas, Co-operative Energy, E.ON, EDF Energy, Engie, GOTO Energy, Green, Green Star Energy, Igloo Energy, iSupply Energy, MoneyPlus Energy, Nabuh Energy, npower, Orbit Energy, OVO Energy, PFP Energy, Rebel Energy, Scottish Power, Simplicity Energy, So Energy, Spark Energy, Symbio Energy, The People’s Energy Company, Together Energy, Tonik Energy, Utilitia, Utility Warehouse, and Zebra Power.


In 2023, high wholesale energy prices, combined with constantly changing regulation meant that the availability of competitive energy deals became more limited within the entire switching industry.


If we cannot recommend a deal immediately, you can still register your details with us and we’ll switch you as soon as you can make a saving of more than £50.

How do you choose which supplier to switch me to?

Our technology scans the market to find the rates different suppliers are offering for your home. We combine this with data on your usage, any applicable exit fees, and any preferences you’ve set (e.g., green only) to find a deal for you.


Where possible, we show you the cheapest deal we have available. However, we will suspend switching to any suppliers where we experience significant issues with their customer service.

Are smaller energy suppliers as reliable as the ‘Big 6’?

In the past, and in order to make the energy market more competitive, the government allowed smaller providers some slight advantages over the bigger, more established companies.


This allows the smaller supplies to make certain savings, which could be passed on to the customer in the form of cheaper tariffs. So, if you are running an energy comparison quote, don’t forget to look outside of the Big Six.

Can I still compare energy if I don't know my usage?

Don’t worry! When you enter your address to get a quote, we look up your supplier and can estimate how much energy you use.

Why do you need my bank details?

We take your direct debit details so we can pass them securely on to the supplier we switch you to. This means they can set up your new billing without extra admin.


We never take any money from your account – our service is 100% free.


If you have a prepayment meter installed, we will not ask for any bank details. We will only find and switch you to other prepayment tariffs.

Do I need to set up a Direct Debit for my new supplier?

No, we will pass on your details to your new supplier who will set up your new Direct Debit if you have a credit meter.


We automatically select Direct Debit as the payment method for customers with credit meters. This is because suppliers often offer substantial discounts for those paying by monthly Direct Debit.

How do you calculate how much I will save when switching?

We calculate the cost of your energy over a 12 month period, making an assumption that you will be your current plan until its end date, and then onto that supplier’s Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) for however long remains of that 12 months.


We then calculate the cost of your new plan with the same usage and compare the two figures to work out your saving. This is a standard calculation method across the industry and is endorsed by Ofgem.


Please be aware that sometimes you could be paying more for your energy after switching to a new deal, even when you are shown a projected saving. It will still be cheaper than not switching because you’ll avoid the much more expensive rates of being on the SVT.

What happens when I switch energy suppliers?

Any switch usually takes around a week to complete, but in some cases, may take slightly longer.


For the first 14 days, your switch is in a cooling-off period, so you can still cancel the switch if you change your mind.


Different suppliers have different ways of getting in contact with their customers, but typically, a new supplier will be in contact via email to confirm plan details and that they have taken over your energy supply.


If the cooling-off period has passed and you have not heard anything from your new supplier, please contact us. We will chase your new supplier and make sure the switch is being processed as it should be.

Will I be charged exit fees if I switch?

When you choose your initial switch, make sure you input the correct tariff details so that our quoted savings take exit fees into account.


Through energy industry regulations, you can switch energy suppliers without incurring any exit fees 49 days before your existing contract is due to end.


We try to make sure our customers are switched within this 49-day window to ensure you will not be charged exit fees. In very rare cases, however, when the saving significantly outweighs the exit fees, we may recommend switching earlier.


But remember: you are always in control and can choose not to switch if you don’t want to, and for whatever reason.

Do I need to let my old supplier know that I have switched?

No. When you use Switchcraft to switch energy suppliers, we pass on the details you provide us to your new supplier.


When the new supplier takes over your energy supply, your old contract is cancelled and the supplier notified of this cancellation.

Can my energy be cut off in between suppliers?

No, there is no risk will turn off when you switch from one supplier to another, and you can carry on using your gas and electricity as usual while your switch is taking place.

What if I am in credit or debt to my old energy supplier?

If you’re in credit, your old supplier should transfer the credit directly to your bank account once you’ve received your final bill. In some cases, you may be paid more quickly if you contact them directly to ask for a refund. Energy regulations mean suppliers must reimburse you if you ask.


If you are in debt to your supplier, make sure you settle your final bill as soon as possible. If the debt is over £500 per fuel, your switch will be blocked until the debt is repaid.

Should I cancel my old direct debit as soon as I switch?

Switchcraft will pass on your details to the new supplier, with the first payment typically taken the following month. If you have anything outstanding with your previous supplier, you may need to settle a bill or you may even be due a refund.


Don’t cancel your Direct Debit before your account with your old supplier is settled.

How do I switch from a prepayment to a credit meter?

You first need to make sure you don’t have any debt attached to your prepayment meter. Then, you need to ask your supplier to change tour meter from a prepayment to a credit meter. If you have a traditional (non-smart) meter, you will need to get a smart meter installed. If you already have a smart meter, the software controlling your existing meter can be updated without the need for an engineer to visit.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that each energy company has slightly different rules and pricing when it comes to the replacement of meters. It’s always worth looking into the policies of specific suppliers and then switching to one that can install the meter you want as quickly and cheaply as possible.

When I switch, will someone have to update the wiring or pipes in my house?

No. Your new supplier is only taking over your existing meters. They will be using the same infrastructure already in place.

I want to cancel my switch. What do I do?

Every switch has a 14 day cooling off period in which you can cancel for any reason without incurring any fees or penalty. Simply reply to one of our emails or contact us stating you no longer want to switch.

How can I update my Switchcraft account details?

You can manage your details by logging in to your customer account to access the customer hub. If you haven’t logged in previously, you may need to hit the “I forgot my password” link to receive your login details.


If you can’t find what you need in the customer hub, please get in touch with us.


Make sure to let us know if you move home, if your contact details have changed, or if there is a significant change to your gas and electricity usage.

I am moving house. What should I do about my energy tariff?

If you’re an existing Switchcraft customer, make sure you let us know you’re planning a move as well as your new address. From here, you have two options:


You can choose to carry over the same energy deal you’re currently on to your new house. To do this, contact your existing supplier and change your address details directly with them. This is simple and won’t take long at all.

Alternatively, you can let your current supplier know that you will be leaving the tariff and then re-switch once you’re at your new address. If you switch supplier once you’ve moved, you may even get a better deal than the one you were on in the first place.

How do I cancel my Switchcraft account?

To cancel your account with Switchcraft, simply reply to one of our emails or contact us at with your request.

What happens if my energy supplier goes out of business?

If a smaller energy supplier goes bust, energy regulator Ofgem will use what is known as the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process to move you to a new supplier.


You will be notified via email who your new supplier is, and there will be no pause or disruption to your existing energy supply while the transition takes place.

Why has my Direct Debit not gone down after I switched energy supplier?

Your regular Direct debit is based on how much energy your supplier expects you to use. For example, during winter, they might set your usage at a higher level, than compared to the summer months.


But if you feel your Direct Debit amount is still too high, contact your energy supplier as soon as possible.

Can I switch if I have a prepayment meter?

Yes. If you have a prepayment meter, we can still compare and switch you to other prepayment tariffs.


If you’re looking to move away from prepayment to credit, you will need to switch to a credit meter, first. To do this, please contact your energy supplier.

Can I switch if I live in Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately, we do not currently cover Northern Ireland as they have a different energy system to the rest of the UK. However, we do offer switching for broadband in Northern Ireland.

Can I switch if I am in debt with my current supplier?

Yes, you can still use our service. Once a switch is initiated, if you are in debt to your supplier, make sure you settle your final bill as soon as you can. If you are in debt over £500 per fuel, you will not be able to switch suppliers and your switch will be blocked until the debt is repaid.

We've helped people save millions on their bills

We've helped people save millions on their bills

People from all across the UK are using Switchcraft to help cut the costs of their monthly bills.

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