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Home insurance with a criminal conviction and record

Getting home insurance can prove a challenge for those with a criminal conviction. Generally speaking, insurance providers will not offer […]

Single item limit on home contents insurance

When taking out contents insurance, your policy will usually mention a single item limit. Understanding what it is will help […]

Listed buildings insurance

Across the UK exists a wealth of homes with cultural or historic significance. Classed as listed buildings, these homes require […]

How Japanese knotweed affects your home insurance

If you’re a homeowner in the UK, you’ve likely heard of Japanese knotweed. But many underestimate the damage and destruction […]

Over 50s home insurance

As we get older, we may notice the costs of certain cover going up. But when it comes to buildings […]

Burglar alarms and home insurance

While there’s no guarantee installing a burglar alarm will reduce the cost of your home insurance, installing certain, insurance-approved alarm […]

Trace and Access cover

What is trace and access cover? Trace and access cover is usually a standard feature of buildings insurance and covers […]

Solar panels and home insurance

As renewable energy continues to rise in popularity, more than 1 million homes across the UK now have solar panels […]

Landlord insurance

For the estimated 2.7 million landlords in the UK, buy-to-let properties are a popular way to create a financial investment […]

Subsidence and home insurance

Subsidence can negatively impact not only your property, but also your home insurance. We explain what subsidence is, how to […]

Accidental damage insurance

With accidental damage insurance, if your home or belongings are unexpectedly damaged, you might be able to make a claim. […]

Unoccupied home insurance

When your home is left empty for a certain period of time, the chances of theft go up. An empty […]

How much contents insurance do I need?

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or landlord, take a moment to consider everything you own and its combined value. The […]

How much buildings insurance do I need?

Owning a home is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Having a good home insurance policy in […]