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Switchcraft Founder Andrew Long on Cost Of Living Crisis with TalkTV’s Peter Cardwell

Andrew calls for tougher government action and a reform of the current misguided price cap, and shares some practical tips […]

How a PM cup of tea could cost you MORE under “peak time” energy plans.

Andrew Long, CEO of Switchcraft, said: ‘An energy retailers job is to manage the difference between wholesale and retail prices. […]

Switchcraft CEO on talkRadio with James Whale & Ash

Switchcraft founder and CEO Andrew Long discusses the reason and consequences of soaring energy bills in 2022.

Switchcraft CEO Andrew Long on talkRadio with Ian Collins

Founder and CEO of Switchcraft Andrew Long discusses with Ian Collins the energy crisis and how this affects both the […]

Switchcraft CEO Andrew Long, on Talk Radio, with James Whale feat. Ash

Andrew Long, founder and CEO of Switchcraft discusses the energy crisis with James Whale and Ash on talk Radio.

talkRadio: Mike Graham

Andrew Long, Switchcraft founder and CEO discusses with Mike Graham the current energy crisis. Long emphasises it is important that […]

talkRadio: with Richard Tice

CEO and Switchcraft founder Andrew Long discusses the current energy crisis with Richard Tice, and what needs to be done […]

talkRadio: with James Max

Andrew Long, founder and CEO of Switchcraft speaks with James Max about the current energy crisis in the UK, and […]

talkRadio: with Mike Graham

Switchcraft CEO and founder Andrew Long spoke to Mike Graham on how 30,000 homes were left without electricity in the […]

How to save up to £100 on energy bills before prices rise for millions of Brits in weeks

BBC 5 Live: Switchcraft CEO Andrew Long discusses how we could be facing the end of competition in the retail energy market unless the government offers urgent financial support to small suppliers.

Why energy suppliers owe YOU £1.4bn (and how you can get it back): Greedy firms hoard cash from customers in credit on their bills

Andrew Long, founder of comparison site Switchcraft, says smaller energy firms are particularly susceptible to using surplus credit balances to their ‘advantage’.

Thousands of outdated smart meters still being installed each month

Andrew Long of Switchcraft said “Any energy supplier still installing last generation smart meters needs to give a very clear justification for their actions”

Scandal: Scots anger over energy price rise

Founder and chief executive of Switchcraft.co.uk, Andrew Long said the “biggest scandal” in the energy market is still the way the most vulnerable customers pay the most. “It should be illegal for prepayment customers to be charged more”

Regulator raises energy price cap for UK consumers by nearly 10%

Switchcraft said it made “no sense” to increase prices when 2.1m families were already behind on their bills. “The biggest scandal in the energy market is still the way the most vulnerable customers pay the most”.

Why is my power firm allowed to hold on to £830 of MY money?

Andrew Long is chief executive of Switchcraft which automatically moves customers on to cheaper gas and electricity tariffs. He says: ‘Energy suppliers love to keep your account in credit and then use your money to run their business.”

10 simple ways to get richer in 2021

‘I enjoy the warm feeling of knowing I’m not overpaying without having to do anything myself. The switches all happen in the background, my direct debit is changed automatically – and I just get an email saying it’s been done.’

Loyalty to your energy supplier doesn’t pay – switch

“With some suppliers understandably behind on their bills with the pandemic, I wouldn’t be surprised if more suppliers quietly bump up direct-debit payment demands,” says Andrew Long, chief executive of Switchcraft

How to foil sneaky tricks energy giants use to hang on to piles of YOUR cash

Some industry experts believe suppliers will be keener than ever to hoard customers’ overpayments. Andrew Long is chief executive of Switchcraft, an auto-switching service that moves customers on to cheaper energy deals on their behalf.

Energy switches reach record highs

Switchcraft is at the heart of the energy switching revolution.

Yellowhammer papers: ‘significant’ energy price increases expected

Alex Dickson, head of research at Switchcraft, warns that a no-deal Brexit is likely to lead to an increase in energy prices.

Ofgem throws lifeline to 30,000 energy customers as Eversmart goes bust

Switchcraft warns that other suppliers may follow in the footsteps of collapsed supplier Eversmart.

Energy price cap to fall in autumn: But it still pays to choose a better deal

Alex Dickson, head of research at Switchcraft, urges customers to switch to a better deal rather than rely on the price cap to save money.

Eversmart Energy collapses leaving 29,000 customers without a supplier

Alex Dickson, at energy auto switching service Switchcraft said customers should be “be prepared” for the collapse of more suppliers.

How to teach kids financial responsibility in a cashless age

Switchcraft discusses the role of fintech in a society moving away from cash payments.

Harrow has second-lowest number of carbon dioxide emissions in London

Switchcraft analyses the progress made by the London Borough of Harrow in its battle against carbon emissions.

Top 5 ‘greenest’ clubs in the Premier League, including Arsenal and Man United

Switchcraft ranks the five ‘greenest’ football clubs based on their commitment to fighting climate change.

Energy price cap to fall this summer but switch now to save £300

Alex Dickson, head of research at Switchcraft, warns that the price cap does not protect consumers from overpaying for their energy.

Experts warn households could be forced onto more expensive energy tariff with new supplier

Andrew Long, founder of Switchcraft, warns that there are signs other suppliers could be struggling.

Tonik Energy goes bust

Andrew Long, CEO and founder of Switchcraft.co.uk, says: “Today’s news about Tonik energy isn’t a surprise given their £8.7m Renewables Obligation debt…”

You & Yours: Loyalty Penalty

Switchcraft Founder Andrew Long discusses how the loyalty penalty is still costing £369 a year and what can be done to tackle it.

You & Yours: Energy Cap

The energy regulator OFGEM has announced it will be significantly cutting how much energy providers can charge people on Standard Variable tariffs. Switchcraft Founder Andrew Long highlights how it’s still important to switch to find a good deal.

Energy prices have HALVED to an all-time low but savings aren’t being passed on to customers

For the average household, this would be a saving of £16 per month or almost £200 a year if wholesale prices remained low, according to autoswitching site Switchcraft.

Energy prices at all-time lows but savings aren’t being passed on to consumers

“Suppliers should use their variable tariffs as designed and pass on savings from lower wholesale prices to consumers.”

Move supplier with minimum effort

New automated switching services will not only find you the best deal, but do the boring admin too

Start-up offers automatic switching to cut home energy bills

Winter likely to finish off some energy firms, analysts say

Andrew Long, founder of another automatic switching site – Switchcraft – said that the cap had already led to a clustering of prices.

Why two investment bankers founded an energy switching startup

That startup idea was Switchcraft, an online service where customers enter their details once and are automatically moved to the best possible energy deal.

‘It’s become so easy to set up an energy firm’: As the bubble bursts, will your supplier be the next to go bust in the challenging year ahead?

Switchcraft, says: ‘There’s a real risk of further bankruptcies. It’s become so easy to set up an energy supplier that many new ones have emerged without a realistic business plan or proper funding.’

British Gas becomes latest supplier to slap customers with energy price cap rise

Switchcraft, added: “British Gas customers will now see £409.5 million added to their energy bills as a result of the price hike.

Brilliant Energy becomes tenth energy firm to fail

Auto-switching site Switchcraft, said that with so many customers moving to suppliers and tariffs they had not chosen “the industry is in crisis and the regulator needs to step in”.

Energy firms pay out more than £10m in fines for rule-breaking

Switchcraft, said: “It’s great to see Ofgem on the front foot when it comes to enforcement actions against suppliers.

Prepayment plans are ‘financial prison sentence for millions of households’

Auto-switching service Switchcraft claims these deals can lock billpayers into an ‘energy-poverty trap’

Why do energy firms keep going bust?

Auto-switching service Switchcraft says it is now “survival of the fittest” in retail energy markets.

Another energy supplier goes bust: Toto Energy ceases to trade leaving 134,000 customers in limbo a DAY after Ofgem revealed reform plans

Switchcraft said: “That Toto Energy – a company with an appalling track record – was able to purchase 43,000 new customers only three months ago is dumbfounding.”

Energy discounts that could knock hundreds off your winter bills if you apply now

“As the mercury drops, we can be certain that one thing will rise,” Alex Dickson at Switchcraft said.

Energy giants sit on £1.5bn of your cash: How to demand a refund as suppliers use your credit balances as their bank

The investigation by Switchcraft, a service that automatically moves consumers to cheaper tariffs, shows that nearly a quarter of customers’ complaints related to overcharging or having direct debits increased – despite being in credit.

Start-ups put their faith in tech for good

Not all technology firms are run by egomaniacs. Some want to make the world better — as well as make money.

Opaque’ wholesale market propping up energy bills

Efforts to lower energy bills will continue to flounder so long as most gas and electricity is bought and sold through “opaque” bilateral contracts, Switchcraft has argued.

Energy bills warning: Brits urged to watch out as overnight price hikes are just days away

Switchcraft has offered some top tips on how billpayers can make their money go further.