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Gas & Electricity Bills

With rising gas and electricity costs, it’s now more important than ever to know how to read your monthly energy bill correctly.

Understanding your monthly statement can help you determine whether you’re paying the correct amount for your energy.

Here, our guides aim to provide tips to do with billing, including how to avoid being overcharged and what to do if you suspect your energy bills are too high.

Gas and electricity discounts for the disabled

If you’re disabled or caring for someone who is, you may be disproportionately affected financially by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. […]

Standing Charges

Standing charges appear on most gas and electricity bills. Charged by your energy supplier, they are a a fixed daily […]

Standard Variable Tariffs

Discover all there is to know about standard variable tariffs (SVTs). If you’re on an SVT, find out how they […]

What is the average energy bill in the UK?

Many factors can influence the amount you will pay for your energy, such as where you live, the type of […]

Energy bills explained

What is printed on your energy bill can sometimes be confusing and make it hard to know if you’re paying […]

What to do if your energy bill is too high?

If you’ve had an abnormally high bill the first thing you need to do is make sure that it’s accurate. […]

Cheap energy deals and how to get them

Energy suppliers used to reserve the cheapest and best energy deals for its first-time customers. These deals would inadvertently be […]

Energy tariffs for pensioners

For many of those of pensionable age, living on a fixed or low income means having to budget wisely. A […]

Fixed Energy Tariffs

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis has had a devastating effect on the gas and electricity markets in the UK, greatly affecting […]

Energy suppliers offering free gifts

Many energy suppliers offer free gifts when you switch to their service. Below we list some of the best supplier […]

Energy payment methods

When it comes to paying your energy bill there are a lot of different options. Find out how the different […]

Energy back billing

What is energy back billing? If you haven’t been charged correctly for energy that you used in the past your […]

Are dual fuel tariffs cheaper?

If you live in a house with gas and electricity you can either have both fuels managed by one provider […]

What to do if your energy supplier owes you money

There are a number of cases where your supplier might end up owing you money. Below we explain why this […]

Why pay gas and eletricity monthly?

The main reason for choosing to pay monthly via direct debit is that these plans are the cheapest. Monthly direct […]