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Founded in 2017, Outfox The Market are an energy supplier based in Leicester, UK. With a mission of reducing carbon emissions, Outfox the Market offer 100% renewable, green wind electricity for their customers. Alongside their commitment to clean energy, Outfox the Market are supporters of the Healing Little Hearts charity. This children's charity provides open heart surgeries in developing parts of the world.

Outfox the Market Customer Rating

On Trustpilot, Outfox The Market have an “excellent” rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

FAQ's about Outfox The Market

If you’re after more information about Outfox The Market, look no further. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below.

Does Outfox The Market have an app?

Outfox The Market have an app available for both Apple and Android devices:

For Apple Devices use the below link to download the app https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/outfox-the-market/id1525216425

For Android Devices use the below link to download the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redfishuk.otm.app

Can I get a Smart Meter with Outfox The Market?

Yes you can! The supplier is working with a third party on smart meter rollout. To find out about availability in your area, contact the supplier directly.

If you have a second generation (SMETS2) meter already, Outfox The Market will try to connect to it straight away upon your sign-up.

Where does Outfox The Market's electricity come from?

Outfox The Market pride themselves in providing clean, renewable electricity. This is sourced from off-shore wind energy.

According to their website, customers save 1.1 tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere every year, by being signed up to Outfox The Market.

How to contact Outfox The Market

You can get in touch with Outfox the Market:

Over the phone: 0800 103 2702

By email: hello@outfoxthemarket.co.uk

On twitter via: @Outfoxthemarket

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