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OVO Energy

OVO Energy is a UK gas and energy supplier based in Bristol. OVO Energy’s gas and electricity sources come from various generators. It has two tariffs which include 33% green electricity, (OVO Better Energy—previously 15% green) and 100% green electricity (OVO Greener Energy), coming from sources including wind farms in Gloucestershire and North Wales.

OVO Energy Customer Rating

OVO Energy enjoys a 19% Positive Opinion on YouGov. In the annual Which? Energy Supplier Satisfaction survey, OVO Energy was voted 8th out of 30 energy companies by nearly 7,500 members of the general public.

FAQs about OVO Energy

If you’re after more information about OVO Energy, look no further. Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below.

Does OVO Energy have an app?

Yes. OVO Energy has an app which is available to download on Android and iOS.

Do OVO Energy supply smart meters?

Yes. You can get a smart meter installed for free with OVO Energy.

Can I manage my OVO Energy account online?

OVO Energy’s online portal is called My OVO. If you’ve already submitted your email address to OVO Energy then you’ll be able to log in once you’ve received your welcome pack.

Is it possible to take my OVO Energy account to my new address?

Unfortunately not but you can start a new contract once you’ve moved in. Your OVO Energy plan only applies to your present address – which means you’ll need to close and re-apply to join OVO Energy at your new address.

Is Boost and OVO Energy the same company?

OVO Energy and Boost share the same trading licence meaning, it’s the same company supplying your gas and electricity but under a different name.

How to contact OVO Energy

You can get in touch with OVO Energy:

Over the telephone on +44 (0) 330 3035 063.

On Twitter via @OVOEnergy

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