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British Gas Evolve

British Gas Evolve

British Gas Evolve, initially known as British Gas X, have rebranded. Whilst part of British Gas, they are on a mission to do things differently than their Big Six counterparts. With a focus on providing 100% renewable electricity, and affordable prices, British Gas Evolve's customer base is growing steadily day by day.

FAQ's about British Gas Evolve

Want to find out more about British Gas Evolve? Read our FAQ below to stay informed.

Does British Gas Evolve have an app?

Although British Gas Evolve are an online energy supplier, they do not have an app currently.

Can I get a smart meter with British Gas Evolve?

British Gas Evolve are currently trialling the installation of smart meters for select customers. The supplier is hoping to make smart meters more accessible by the end of the year. To find out whether you may be eligible, check their website or contact British Gas Evolve directly for more information on the smart meter rollout.

Is British Gas Evolve green?

British Gas Evolve provide 100% renewable electricity. The supplier will match each customer's electricity usage with renewable sources, which is fed back into the National Grid.

How to contact British Gas Evolve

You will be able to contact British Gas Evolve

Via email: service@britishgasevolve.co.uk

Or by using their live chat web function on their website

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