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Although best known as a mobile phone operator, EE took over from Orange broadband in 2015 and now extends to 95% coverage across The UK using BTs Openreach network.  With an extensive 4 and 5G coverage across the UK and home broadband offerings, EE has a substantial slice of the UK consumer base. 


Average download speed10Mbps-900Mbps
Average upload speed1Mbps-110Mbps
BroadbandADSL, Fibre, Full Fibre
Home PhoneYes
Prices from£22.50 per month


There are three categories to choose from when it comes to broadband at EE, and they fall into three separates speed ranges.  Standard broadband is your first, with an average speed of 10Mbps, this is great for smaller homes and overall, not suited for more than 2 users.  Next up we have the mid-range package, offering speeds of 36Mbps on average.  This is a good option for multiple users or those with higher bandwidth demands.  Finally, there is the fastest package available with EE, their Fibre Plus Broadband which boasts speeds of 67Mbps on average.  If your household is a larger one, with high streaming needs or video games, then this is the option for you.  EE does offer higher fibre speeds, ranging up to 900Mbps, however coverage of these speeds is low, so please check with them to see what the best speed is available to you in your given area. 



Depending on what speed range your broadband package falls into you will be provided with one of two routers, this breaks down into standard or fibre.  Standard broadband users get the EE Bright Box, which is a dual band router that supports remote assistance with up to 4 ethernet ports.  Fibre broadband users on the other hand benefit from the more advanced Smart Hub, the same one offered to BT users.  This router comes packed full of features including the ability to determine when devices can access it. If you’re looking for an easy way to set internet limit for your young ones, then this is a great option to consider.  For a more in-depth breakdown of routers please check out our BT broadband review. 

Ultimately, this system creates two tiers of users, and should you wish to upgrade from standard broadband to fibre, a new router will need to be installed and may trigger an additional installation fee. 


Signing up to EE broadband has never been easier, with online, in-store and over the phone services all available, gone are the days of waiting for letters and slow communication.  EE will text and email you all the necessary information providing a seamless service. Additionally you can track your order process in your EE account.  Once the router has been delivered it’s a very simple plug and play situation so no need to take a day off work and wait for an engineer that might show up or not. 


They came 2nd at the 2021 broadband awards for customer service, however they currently have a 2.2 on Trustpilot, so the reviews are mixed but with the amount of customers they cater to it is not uncommon to have a variety of reviews.  

EE offers a wide range of options when it comes to customer service, this includes their extensive community forum that will have contributions from other users as well as EE themselves.  If you’re looking to find the answer quickly then your best bet may be to look to speak with an advisor directly, you can do this in person at an EE branch, via live chat on their website or by calling their UK / Ireland based call centres.  With one of the industries shortest wait times the latter option may be the best.  Centres are open 8am-8pm 7 days a week.  


If you decide to go all in with EE you could be in for a treat as they offer some great extras if you sign onto a mobile tariff alongside your broadband package.  You can get a data boost of 5GB to your pay monthly mobile plan, or a sim only plan for 12 months with a value of over £10.  If you’re planning to leave your old supplier and face exit fees, EE will cover them up to the value of £50 when switching to a broadband deal and offer you 12 months’ worth of Norton Security for FREE for 10 devices.  If you’re looking to upgrade that one step further it could be worth looking at the Apple TV bolt on package, which comes with all Freeview channels, access to streaming apps and full access to BT Sport. 


EE offer a good range of reliable broadband speed packages at reasonable prices, mobile bundles and integrated tv packages alongside it.  They provide customer service both online and offline, however the quality may depend on the issue you are dealing with or who you are speaking to. Overall, we can recommend EE for their broadband services. 

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