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With the need for stable and fast internet connections being ever growing, G Network a small player in the field is determined to provide unparalleled service. But how does it compare to other more established networks such as OpenReach, or Virgin Media? This articles breaks down everything you need to know about G Network and where you can get it.

What is the G Network?

Founded in 2016, G Network are London’s full fibre broadband network according to their website. Similarly to other networks such as Openreach or Virgin, G Network have laid their own infrastructure across parts of the UK and promise to offer 100% full fibre broadband with guaranteed upload and download speeds. They are exclusively focused on providing their network in Central London, with the aim of making a positive economic and social contribution amongst communities that need it most, but also businesses to help access ultrafast broadband.

Are G Network a broadband provider?

Although not all internet networks provide broadband deals to customers themselves, G Network do. On their website you can find a number of deals available for both home and business broadband, with varying price points and speeds.

  • Home Broadband

G Network’s entry broadband deal offers a whopping 150 Mbps in download speeds, and 50 Mbps in upload speeds. Compared to many of their competitors, their entry level deal is almost three times faster. Despite this, costs are low, starting at £24 per month, with the first 3 months for free (as of February 2022).

Next up, the provider offers download speeds of up t0 300 Mbps and upload speeds of 100 Mbps at only £30 per month. For £8 more, these speeds can be more than doubled.

Finally G Network’s deal with the fastest internet speeds comes in at £50 per month with 900 Mbps of both download and upload speeds.

Overall, G Network offers some of the fastest broadband speeds thanks to their full fibre connections.

  • Business Broadband

The broadband provider further offer business broadband. Specifically they offer three deals for three separate categories respectively. Small businesses with 0-49 people can choose between “Start Full Fibre”, “Business Full Fibre” and Premium Full Fibre” deals. Prices range from £22.00 to £77.00 a month, with download speeds between 100 Mpbs – 10 Gbps. G Network’s other business categories include “Medium Sized Businesses (50-250)” and “Large Businesses (250+)”, with costs ranging between £77.00 to £216.00 a month.

G Network further provide 24/7 data monitoring, expert support, unlimited downloads, a three month guarantee, as well as ultra low latency (<10ms) and 5h SLA for most of their deals.

If you are a business (of any size!) situated in London, G Network is absolutely top contender worth considering with their extraordinary speeds.

Who uses G Network?

Other networks such as Openreach for instance, can be accessed through a wide variety of different broadband providers, all sharing the same physical network connections, simply using different branding, pricing and deals.

G Network on the other hand, similarly to Virgin Media, use their network under their own respective brands, and is not available through any other providers. This might change in the future, but for now, the only way to access their full fibre connections, is through G Network directly.

Why G Network’s full fibre is better than copper wires

G Network pride themselves in providing incredible speeds. This is thanks to their full fibre networks, as opposed to older copper wires used by some of their competitors.

One of the major downsides to copper wires is the bandwidth offered by their connections. Full fibre connections, which are more modern are thinner, more durable and lighter, allowing for more data to be transferred at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about bandwidth, how it works, and why it is integral to your experience online, you can check out our bandwidth guide.

What other networks are there?

In the UK there are over eight different broadband networks being utilised by over 150 broadband providers.

The two largest networks are Openreach and Virgin Media, but some of the others include Community Fibre, City fibre, Gigaclear, KCOM, and Hyperoptic.

Openreach has a coverage of 6 million using copper connections, FTTC, FTTP, and G.Fast. Depending on your region you will have access to the full fibre lines, however this is not guaranteed. All other networks on the list provide full fibre lines, including G Network with some of the fastest speeds available in the country. Again however, it is important you check the availablility in your region before signing up to a potentially slower deal that may be capped due to relying on older connections.

If you are having a hard time differentiating the various broadband technologies, you can check out our guide for a more detailed breakdown to help you stay informed.

How to switch to G Network?

With G Network having their own fibre lines and working independently from any other networks or providers, the switching process may be a little different to what you’re used to, but still relatively straightforward and easy.

When you want to switch from your existing network to a G Network deal, an engineer will likely come to install a new connection necessary for accessing their specific network. Whilst this is a simple process, G Network recommend keeping your old broadband deal until this installation has finished, to ensure you are not left without internet during the switching process.

For more information we recommend visiting G Network’s FAQ page on their website.

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