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iTalk Broadband were founded in 2007 and are based in Brighton. On their website iTalk Broadband state they are on a mission to become the UK’s most trusted broadband provider. Have they achieved this? This guide will outline everything you need to know about iTalk Broadband.


Download Speeds10 Mbps – 63 Mbps
Broadband TypeADSL, Fibre
Prices from£21.99


iTalk Broadband offer a selection of three different deals, all on a 24 month contract.

Simply Broadband

iTalk’s entry level broadband deal is called Simply Broadband and offers download speeds of 10 Mbps. These speeds are suitable to a single person household or an elderly couple with only light internet usage. The deal comes in at £21.99 a month with a one-off fee of £12.95 – making it the best deal for a casual user, according to iTalk’s website. Compared to other providers however, the same speeds can be found slightly cheaper elsewhere.

This broadband deal is run on an ADSL connection, which is older and as a result slower than fibre connections. ADSL connections are still very common amongst most broadband providers, simply because they have the widest reach across the country. Many addresses in the UK cannot access fibre internet just yet, because the network simply does not extend to their area.

Fast Fibre

iTalk’s next deal is called “Fast Fibre” and as the name suggests runs on fibre cables, which enable faster speeds. The deal offers download speeds of 35 Mbps, and costs £30.49 per month, with a one-off fee of £12.95. 
This deal is marketed towards binge-watchers, gamers or internet pros according to iTalk’s website. Generally speaking, these speeds are best suited to small households with about 3-4 devices connected to the internet, who enjoy streaming shows, or have meetings via Zoom on occasion. Any usage that is heavier might benefit from an upgrade to faster speeds.

Superfast Fibre

Finally, iTalk’s fastest broadband deal is called “Superfast fibre” and has download speeds of 63 Mbps. While this deal is not as “super fast” as many fibre deals offered by their competition, download speeds of 63 Mbps will be sufficient for most small to medium sized households. The deals is available for £35.49 a month.

Similarly to their other deals, iTalk’s “Superfast fibre” deal also has a one-off fee of £12.95. According to their website this is used to cover set up and delivery costs of the router and welcome pack.


Whilst most broadband providers have a few bundles available, iTalk don’t advertise any broadband packages on their website. If you would like to save on your bills by combining your TV package, Netflix or Spotify subscription along with your broadband, you might have to look to some of the bigger broadband providers for bundle deals.



Similarly to most other broadband providers, iTalk provide a free router along with any of their broadband deals. According to their website, each router is worth £99, however there is no further information on the model or its specifications.

Generally speaking however, the standard routers provided by your ISP (internet service provider) are well suited to the internet speeds you are receiving. Of course, if your home is very large or at an odd shape where the wifi doesn’t reach all rooms, you can purchase a wifi booster, or even upgrade your router.


On their website, iTalk state that switching takes between 2-3 weeks to complete, which is industry standard. They assure their customers that there will be no interruptions to their service during the switchover.
Once the broadband order has been confirmed, customers can expect to receive their router in the mail before their broadband service gets activated.


On Trustpilot, iTalk have an “excellent” rating of 4.7 out of 5. Compared other broadband providers, this is an exceptionally high score, particularly on a website like Trustpilot which tends to attract negative comments.
Many of iTalk’s reviews comment on the helpful customer service team, and overall easy set up process.


Whilst there are many cheaper broadband deals on the market, only few providers can boast about their Trustpilot rating when it comes to customer service. If you are just looking for a simple and reliable broadband solution, iTalk is worth looking into.

Excellent customer serviceSmall selection of deals & bundles
Not the cheapest deals on the market

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