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Origin set up shop in 2011 in Yorkshire, wanting to “give a better choice to those who’d been ‘left behind’ in the digital divide” by offering a jargon free service. Whilst this is still part of their ethos, they mainly set themselves apart these days by offering a cheaper alternative to the big suppliers like BT & Virgin Media.

Does this small supplier offering a cheaper price relate to an overall win though? 


Download Speeds11, 36 & 67 Mbps
Upload Speeds1, 9 & 17 Mbps
Type of broadbandADSL & fibre
Home Phone/TV PackagesYes
CostFrom £17.99/month.


Origin has two types of connections available and three different speeds on offer.  Similarly to a lot of their competitors, Origin uses BT’s Openreach networks therefore providing similar speeds we have available from other providers. 

Their cheapest plan uses an ADSL connection, which unlike fibre connections, uses a copper telephone line that transmits signals directly to your house. Whilst being their cheapest deal, ADSL connections are typically one of the slowest available in the UK, with Origin offering download speeds of 11 Mbps on their “Origin Broadband” deal. Since not everyone is a professional gamer, lives in a large family or has access to fibre on their premises, this basic deal would be suitable for anyone either living alone, or those only looking to have a 1-2 devices connected to the internet.

Origin’s next offering is called “Origin Superfast” which uses a fibre connection. With download speeds of 36 Mbps, their deal is suitable for a household of 2-3 people with light to regular usage.

Finally, Origin’s fastest broadband deal is “Origin Max Fibre” which offers speeds of up to 67Mbps using a fibre connection. This package provides enough bandwidth for a medium sized household where multiple devices are connected and using streaming services at the same time.

Overall, upload speeds for all three deals are in line with those provided by other broadband services running on the Openreach network. 


Origin offers an ASUS N16 router with all their broadband packages. This should be fast enough for most users and gets 4/5 stars on Amazon from 50 reviews. Although being a solid entry level router, you might experience difficulties when trying to connect more than 10 devices. If you have a particularly busy household you might want to consider upgrading your router, if you feel like your bandwidth is struggling to keep up.  
For more information on routers, we recommend checking out our guide on broadband routers.


In line with industry standards, a broadband switch will take between 10-14 days to complete – this is if you have an existing landline. Origin will send your new router in the mail, along with simple instructions on how to get you online. 

Should you not have a landline connection at your property, you will have to arrange for an engineer to visit to complete the set-up. Not only could this delay getting access to your new broadband, but you can also expect to pay an installation fee of up to £60.00. Unfortunately however, there is no way around this, as most providers have the same stipulations. 

The only connections not reliant on a landline, are full fibre or mobile data, or cable. Full fibre in this instance is not the same as fibre-to-the-cabinet which is offered by origin. You can read our broadband guide on different types of connections if you’d like to familiarise yourself with various options.


As of December 2021, Origin has a “Great” rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Most negative reviews are centred around unreliable broadband connections, and long set up times. The majority of positive reviews mention the polite and efficient customer service received, and the fairly priced broadband deals.

Origin’s customer support team is based in Yorkshire and can be contacted via phone or email at: 

Telephone Number: 03300241777

Email Address: helpandsupport@origin-broadband.co.uk

Their operating hours are:
9.00am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday
9:00am – 1:00pm Saturdays
Closed – Sunday
9:00am – 6:30pm Bank Holidays


What we likeWhat we are not too keen on
Competitive pricing  Doesn’t offer ultra-fast package
Yorkshire based customer support  
Simple to understand offering 

If you’re not too worried about internet speeds or there aren’t many people trying to get online in your home, then Origin’s packages will suit your needs. They have also stuck to their ethos of providing simple to understand, good quality service and keeping their prices low. 

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