Plusnet is a broadband provider based in Yorkshire, which was founded in 1997, and is part of the BT Group since 2018. Plusnet offer a range broadband deals for most user needs, as well as mobile phone and sim-only deals. With an abundance of other players in the field, the question is – how does Plusnet compare?


Download speeds10 Mbps – 66 Mbps
Type of BroadbandFibre
Home Phone/TV packagesYes
Costfrom £18.99 a month


Plusnet offer broadband deals with both different speeds and contract lengths.

12 month contracts

With many flat tenancies being renewed on a 12 month basis, Plusnet offer a selection of three different deals within that ideal time frame for a contract.

Their entry level broadband deal starts at £21.99, and offers download speeds of 10 Mbps. The deal is called “Unlimited broadband”, and comes with a £5 activation fee. Compared to other provider’s entry deals, these speeds of 10 Mbps may be considered on the lower end, and are therefore best suited to single person households with only one or two devices connected to the internet. Elderly people who rely on it to check their online banking or WhatsApp messages will have their needs met, however anyone relying on their connection while working from home, or streaming their shows in the evening, should definitely consider better download speeds!

Next up is Plusnet’s “Unlimited fibre” deal with download speeds of 36 Mbps. This particular deal comes in at £24.99 with a £10 activation fee, and is best suited to small households with up to 5 devices connected to the internet. These speeds are ideal for anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis for either streaming Netflix, or doing work. If more than one member of your household is on regular Zoom meetings or spends much time online gaming, you might want to consider a step up in speeds just to avoid stretching your bandwidth.

Plusnet’s third and fastest deal on a 12 month contract, offers broadband speeds of 66 Mbps at a price point of £26.99 and a £10 activation fee. This deal is best suited to young professionals or small families who rely on a strong connection throughout their day, be it Zoom meetings, online gaming, or movies being streamed on multiple devices at once.

18 month contracts

If you know you are going to be staying in your home for more than a year, then Plusnet’s 18 month contracts might be just for you as they are typically offered at lowered prices.

Again there are three different deals, with speeds of 10 Mbps, 36 Mpbs, and 66 Mbps. They each come in at £18.99, £22.00 and £24.00 respectively. Ultimately Plusnet’s deals are much better value on an 18 compared to 12 month contract.

Call plans

As many broadband providers, Plusnet also offers various deals including a phone a line. You can choose either of the three speeds they offer, with unlimited call plans or evening/weekend calls, if you don’t need be available all day.

Prices for Plusnet broadband and call plans range between £24.99 and £33.41 a month.


For an add on of £15.69 a month, you can access the BT sport app, which has good selection of sports channels to ensure you never miss a game. Otherwise, Plusnet don’t offer any broadband packages, like many other providers do.


Depending on the deal you select, Plusnet will provide you with one of four different routers for you. Their specific routers are called “Hub Two Router”, “Hub One Router”, “2704n Router”, “582n Router”, and you can find general set up guides on Plusnet’s website.


Plusnet broadband deals run on the Openreach network, which is the largest internet network across the UK. This means if you are switching from another broadband provider to Plusnet, chances are relatively high you are already on the Openreach network, making the switchover and installation process relatively seamless.

Generally, Plusnet charge a set up fee between £5.00-£10.00, however during promotional periods this may be waived altogether. When it comes to the actual set up, you can expect for the switchover to take between 10-14 days, which is the industry standard.

All you need to do is to plug in the new router and you’re ready to go! Don’t worry, the router will come with a booklet explaining how to get it connected. If you’re stuck at all, you can always contact Plusnet through their customer service for further support.


Plusnet broadband customers rate their service 1.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Whilst this is considered to be low, many of their competitors have similar ratings. This could partly be attributed to the fact that Trustpilot tends to have a negative bias with reviews. Most comments left by Plusnet customers are regarding poor customer service, and slow speeds. Overall, Plusnet don’t seem to be responding to their Trustpilot reviews.


To summarise, Plusnet offers a range of broadband deals but do we recommend them? Here is our overall impression:

12 months & 18 month contractsCost
BT Sport add onSlow Speeds
Poor customer service

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