Plusnet is a Yorkshire-based broadband provider now celebrating its 25th year of operation. Although purchased by BT in 2007, Plusnet conducts itself as a separate business, meaning the broadband deals it offers are quite different when compared to its parent company. Let’s take a look.


Average Download Speeds10Mbps – 66Mbps
Average Upload Speeds1Mbps – 18Mbps
Broadband TypeADSL & Fibre (FTTC/FTTP)
Home Phone-line RentalYes
TV/Entertainment packagesNo
Costfrom £18.95 per month
Prices current as of 30th September 2022

Broadband packages and speeds

Plusnet offers a range of packages spread over three different broadband tiers:- ‘Unlimited Broadband’, ‘Unlimited Fibre Broadband’ and ‘Unlimited Fibre Extra’.

Plusnet’s entry-level tier package, ‘Unlimited Broadband’ is a standard ADSL connection with average download speeds of 10Mbps. Because ADSL relies wholly on copper telephone wires to deliver your broadband connection, an active phone line is required. Thankfully, Plusnet includes phone line rental in the cost of all its standard broadband and partial-fibre broadband deals. Although ADSL broadband is less-favoured these days, it would still be a decent choice for a single person or couple whose internet activity only involves light browsing and occasional streaming of TV shows and films in standard definition.

Next up are Plunet’s Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) packages. With FTTC, copper cables are still required to deliver your broadband, but less is used – only from the cabinet in the street to your home. Because of this, FTTC broadband generally provides a faster and more reliable connection than ADSL. The first of two of Plusnet’s ‘Unlimited Fibre Broadband’ packages has average download speeds of 36Mbps, while the other is almost double at 66Mbps.

Average download speeds of 36Mbps would allow a standard household of 3-4 using separate devices, to access the internet simultaneously and for online activities such as streaming content in standard definition or downloading large files while working from home.

Plusnet’s upper-level FTTC broadband option, with average download speeds of 66Mbps, would suit larger households or accommodation accessing the internet for online gaming, browsing, and streaming in HD.

Plusnet Full-Fibre (FTTP)

Although not yet widely available across the UK, Plusnet has begun to make available its full fibre – also known as ‘Fibre to the Premises’ (FTTP) – broadband. The main difference when compared with Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is that full fibre uses only fibre optic cables to connect your broadband, so you don’t need a phone line. It’s also the fastest and most reliable type of broadband available in the UK.

Plusnet offers three FTTP options: Full Fibre 74, 145, and 500. As each option name suggests, average download speeds range from 74Mbps to 500Mbps. These speeds are all exceptionally fast and ideal for families with numerous devices, as well those into online gaming and streaming TV shows and films in 4K Ultra HD.

Unsure of what broadband speeds you need? Check out our guide here for all the answers.

Contract length

All of Plusnet’s standard broadband and unlimited fibre broadband (FTTC) packages are available on either 12 or 18 month contracts. Their full-fibre options are only available over 24-months.

Home Phone packages

Both Plusnet’s standard broadband and unlimited fibre broadband (FTTC) deals come with phone-line rental as standard, with the option to add-on a number of call packages:-

PackageIncludesPrice per month
Evening and Weekend UK and Mobile CallsEvening and weekend calls to UK landlines. 1000 mins of inclusive calls to UK mobiles£5.71
Unlimited UK and Mobile CallsUnlimited calls to UK landlines. 2000 mins of inclusive calls to UK mobiles. Calls to 0845 & 0870 numbers.£10.28
Anytime International CallsUnlimited calls to UK landlines. 300 mins to top international destinations.£10.28
Prices current as of 30th September 2022

BT Sport App

Plusnet offers new customers access to the BT Sport app for an additional £10 a month.


All new customers receive a free router that can be easily self-installed.

Customers opting for the ‘Unlimited Broadband’ (ADSL) package, will get the Hub One. This router has four ethernet ports and two wireless antennae for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections.

Customers who go for either partial-fibre (FTTC) or full-fibre deals will receive the Plusnet Hub Two, which, like the Hub One, has four ethernet ports and two wireless antennae for 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections. The Hub Two offers slightly more range than the Hub One, making it a better choice for larger homes.


Although Plusnet usually charge an activation fee between £5 and £10, this is currently waived for new customers. Plusnet estimates that from sign-up, it will take around 10 business days to get you fully online.

Because Plusnet operates on BT’s Openreach network, if you’re switching to them from another provider on the same network (e.g., BT, EE, TalkTalk, Vodafone etc.), they’ll let your old provider know you’re leaving. Switching over from one of these providers also means that no extra work – such as drilling holes into your walls – needs to be done.

Customer service

Plusnet’s award-winning (USwitch Best Provider for Customer Service 2021) UK-based customer service team is available on Twitter @Plusnet or over the phone (0800 432 0200). Their hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm, Saturdays 9:00am – 7:00pm, and Sundays from 9:00am – 6:00pm, 365 days of the year.

If you’re a Plusnet mobile customer, you can reach out to the team by simply dialling ‘500’ from your mobile.

Pros and Cons



Plusnet offers a range of deals at prices that are often better than the competition. The fact they operate on BT’s Openreach network also means that many of their services (excluding full-fibre broadband) are easily accessible across the UK.


Lack of extras:-

Aside from the option to bundle-in the BT Sports app with your broadband plan, there are no other TV or entertainment options available. A slight disappointment considering their parent company, BT, has quite a few on offer.

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