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SKY UK limited

Sky UK limited is a true leader in entertainment industry, and most will have heard of people having a Sky TV subscription, with Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or Sky News. They have a finger in all the pies when it comes to entertainment with an unrivalled range of options for customers, and since 2005 they even offer a superfast broadband connection. Not only are they providing the Wi-Fi but all the latest news and on demand content through their TV package that’s been a staple in UK homes for years. They are the largest supplier for broadband right after BT with millions of subscribers. However with more and more customers in the marketplace looking for their entertainment fix from Amazon Prime and Netflix, how will the provider manage to keep their audience engaged into the future and will they be able to adapt?


Average download speed30 Mbps – 900 Mbps
BroadbandFTTP full fibre
Home PhoneNo
Prices from£39 per month, plus activation fee


Sky Broadband Essential

Sky offers a selection of broadband packages to suit every need, their entry level “Essential” deal offers download speeds that reach 11Mbps on average. This is an ADSL connection that runs through the copper phone lines across the UK. The speed is modest but can handle everything you need if you’re in a small property or flat with one to two people. The target audience is that of a casual internet user, with some social media browsing, online banking and the ability to stream movies. Although multiple viewers of streaming services at once could put access limitations to the bandwidth of your connection.

Sky Superfast Fibre

The next new package available is Sky’s Superfast Broadband connection, it is over five times as fast as their previous option so you won’t want to miss out on this. Even with a family of four the internet connection will remain accessible and manage a smooth services with all 59Mbps of its technology. The range on this package will also increase so it won’t matter what your location is in the house, you’ll still benefit from all the features the provider delivers.

Sky Ultrafast Broadband

Finally we have Sky’s ultimate offering to the world of superfast broadband, the “Ultrafast” broadband. Coming in with a whopping speed of 145Mbps you can really let your entertainment cravings rip, from 4K movies streaming simultaneously, online gaming, on demand content, Zoom calls, whatever you need this subscription covers it and makes it all accessible. Perfect for large families and spacious homes for a reasonable cost.

SKY Sports and TV

If you purchase a broadband package from Sky, then you’re probably considering getting their range of Sky’s channels too. They have a huge offering of entertainment to suit everyone’s needs from Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Arts and even Comedy central when you want a laugh.


Regardless of what package you chose, the broadband provider offers the Sky Hub router to get you connected. It has a 64 device capacity with 8 different antennae to keep your Wi-Fi performing at it’s peak so you can be connected no matter where you are at home. If you’re looking for a wired solution you have four Gigabit ports to link your connection up directly.

Full connection takes around 10 days from when you place your order, and you’ll be notified of an activation date. You’ll receive your router in the post with full instructions on how and when to plug everything in and turn it on so you’re up and running as soon as possible . We recommend placing you router in a open space, unobstructed, approximately 5-6 feet off the ground.

For more information we recommend visiting Sky’s Broadband’s FAQ page.


Overall, Sky have a great selection of broadband packages, phone and TV features. With a live customer service 7 days a week, you’ll be able to speak with an advisor between 7am-11pm on weekdays and 8am-9pm on weekends. If you are leaving prior to the end of a contract Sky will even credit you unto £200 when you switch to help you cover the cost. That’s a substantial amount of money and Sky is definitely one to watch out for.

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