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Virgin Media

Whereas most providers in the UK uses BTs Openreach and PlusNet services, Virgin Media have their own dedicated network which offers comparably fast broadband throughout the nation, but its coverage is lower with only 60% of the UK being covered.


Average download speed54 Mbps – 1,130 Mbps
Average upload speed5 Mbps – 52 Mbps
BroadbandFibre, Full Fibre
Home PhoneYes
Prices from£24 a month (during promotions)

Broadband Network Speeds

Virgin Media is leaps and bounds ahead of any other broadband supplier when it comes to speed, especially compared to the likes of Sky and BT.

Virgin media offer a large selection of deals with varying speeds and packages. Their broadband deal with the lowest speeds starts at £38, offering an impressive 53 Mbps of download speeds. To put this into perspective, most starter deals from other providers typically offer 30 Mbps although at a smaller price. This broadband deal can of course be combined with a TV package, or other internet bundles, or a phone line for a increase in price.

Virgin Media’s next offers sports 100 Mbps of speeds at a price of £44. This would be ideal for a household with 5-9 devices connected. For only £6 more, at a price point of £50, speeds can be doubled with 200 Mbps. This internet connection might be useful for very busy households with over 10 devices connected at once.

Virgin’s next offering are speeds of 350 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1GB costing £56, £62 and £62 respectively.

Whilst Virgin’s deals may be priced slightly higher than their competitors, they do have regular sales and offers on during which you can get fast speeds at an excellent price. For this reason keep a look out for any discounts!

Virgin Media Services, Deals, Offers and Bundles

Virgin Media does not offer the same kind of deals as other broadband suppliers on the market who tend to lean towards cash back incentives or voucher systems, instead it regularly runs sales to attract new customers. So if you see a package you like and its got a good price you can be sure it will be good value for money. To give you an idea, they tend to have seasonal discounts, holiday discounts including Black Friday sales during which their regular packages are offered at a much lower price.

Alongside their regular broadband deals, Virgin media offer the following bundles:

  • Broadband and Phone – starting from £27.99 with 100 Mbps
  • Broadband and TV – starting from £37.00 with 100 Mbps
  • Broadband, TV and Phone – starting from £33.00 with 50 Mbps

For all these three categories, Virgin media have a vast selection of speeds and TV or phone packages available.

Router and Installation


Overall the router selection with Virgin Media broadband network is very impressive, all broadband customers will receive the Hub3 router, the only exception being Gig1 customers who will receive the Hub4. If you decide to upgrade to Gig1 then you’ll get the Hub4 free of charge. Both routers with Virgin media services provide super fast Wi-Fi speeds that are able to keep up with multiple devices and are able to operate across a larger coverage area, particularly handy for larger homes.

Of course you are always free to use your own router if you have specific needs, such as a very busy household, or faraway rooms that Virgin media’s standard router may not reach.


Once you’ve decided on a Virgin Media broadband package you’ll need to pay for and arrange and installation, this is true for all former BT or Openreach customers as Virgin Media operates on their own line.

Customer service

On Trustpilot, Virgin media have a rating of 2.2 out of 5. Although low, Trustpilot reviews tend to have a negative bias. Most complaints are surrounding internet outages, or long queues to speak to customer service. Most comments however have received a response from Virgin Media.


In short, although not always the cheapest (check for offers!), Virgin Media offer some of the fastest speeds available on the market. In fact, Virgin Media won the fastest provider of the year at the 2021 broadband awards.

The broadband provider has a large selection of deals and packages available to suit almost any household. Unfortunately however, the network is not available for all homes in the UK, with only about 60% coverage in the country.

For up-to-date tariff information, we recommend visiting Virgin Media’s website directly. Alternatively, if you are still deciding on a provider, visit our switching site for recommendations.

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