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Community fibre is a broadband provider based in London, which was founded in 2010. Community Fibre utilise their own fibre optic cables, allowing them to unlock much faster speeds than otherwise available on standard networks such as Openreach.

Whilst only available in London at the moment, Community fibre are committed to providing exceptional speeds at fair prices. Compared to many of their competitors, Community Fibre further boast an “excellent” rating on Trustpilot.


Download Speeds75 Mbps – 3 Gbps
Upload Speeds75 Mbps – 650 Mbps
Type of BroadbandFull Fibre Broadband
Home Phone/TV PackagesYes
Costfrom £20.00 per month


Community fibre broadband offers deals on both a 24 and 12 month basis.

24 Month Deals

Their entry level deal starts at £20.00 a month, and offers download and upload speeds of 75 Mbps. Some broadband providers in the industry can’t even offer these speeds at their highest price point, showcasing just what great deals Community Fibre have. With 75 Mbps, small families, or young couples that spend a lot of time online, be it gaming, working or streaming shows, will be covered with this deal.

Next up, Community fibre offer a deal with 300 Mpbs download speeds at only £25.00 per month. According to their website, this means you could either download or upload a large file of 100 Mb, in only 2.6 seconds. This comes in handy for anyone who considers themselves a very active user of the internet, or just anyone needing to upload or download larger files occasionally.

For £30.00 a month, Community fibre offers a deal with 600 Mbps in download speeds, and 250-400 Mbps in upload speeds. This deal is suited large families with heavy usage, including streaming in 4k on multiple devices, and online gaming. At this price point, this is an absolute bargain!

It doesn’t end there, Community fibre’s next deal comes in at £45.00 a month with download speeds of 1Gbps.

Finally, you can get London’s fastest internet speeds at 3 Gbps, for £89.00 a month.

All of these deals come with a free router (more on that in the section below), and no installation fee!

12 Months

If you are a student or just unsure whether your living situation will remain the same for more than a year, then Community Fibre’s 12 month deals might be a great choice.

Similarly to their longer 24 month deals, their shorter term options offer great speeds on Community Fibre’s own network.

For only £22.00 you can get 75 Mbps delivered straight to your home. Community fibre further offer speeds at 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps and 1 Gbps, at £27.00, £32.00 and £50.00 respectively.

As you can see, their deals on a 12 month contract are slightly more expensive than those on a 2 year fixed contract, but overall, their prices are still exceptional value considering the advanced technology used on their full fibre network.

Another difference to their deals offered on a 2 year contract, is a set up fee of £9.95 for any 12 month deal.


Like many broadband providers, Community fibre have bundle deals and extras available. But how do they compare to the selection offered by some of the bigger players?


As an add-on, Community Fibre broadband customers can select a TV package including over 200+ live channels, and a 4K TV box worth £149. Prices start at £10.00 a month.

Whilst this is the only media add on available for Community Fibre customers, it is great value for money.


Otherwise, the provider offers unlimited calls, including those from international numbers. The add-on package further comes with an app, which allows its users to make free calls to all UK mobile and landline numbers, even from abroad using Wifi.

For the price of £10.00 a month, this is a fantastic phone package offered by CommunityFibre.


Community Fibre, similarly to most other broadband providers, provides free routers with every selected broadband deal.

For most of their deals, customers will receive the “Linksy’s Tri-Band Wifi Router”. This router is well suited to speeds of up to 1 Gbps, and will come with a guide to help you set it up.

If you have signed up to Community Fibre’s deal with download speeds of 3 Gbps, you will be getting the Wifi 6 Zyxel Router.

Whilst these routers are perfectly suitable for the deals they come with, you can always use your own selected router if you have specific needs. For more, check out our guide on routers.


As Community Fibre use their own dedicated fibre optic network, and engineer will need to come to your home for the installation. This takes about 2 hours, and is completely free with any Community fibre broadband deal.

Their engineers are available through Monday to Saturday, between 8.00 – 17.00. For more information you can check out their site on installations here.


On Trustpilot, Community Fibre have an “excellent” rating of 4.9 out of 5. Within the broadband industry, a rating this high is almost unheard of.

Their reviews mostly complement the easy installation service, and helpful customer service.


Great value, low cost dealsLimited Availibitly
Fast speeds
High customer ratings

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