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How To Cancel BT TV (But Keep BT Broadband)


BT, the largest broadband provider in the UK, offers various packages combining telecommunications services.However, if you have added BT TV to your broadband package, there may be a time you need to leave your subscription while retaining your internet connection. We’ll guide you through cancelling your TV subscription step-by-step.

1. Review your contract terms

Before cancelling your BT TV, there are some things you need to check within the terms of your contract, such as:

Contract length: Check your contract’s T&Cs to find out whether you’re still in your minimum term.

Exit fees: If you’re still in contract, you may need to pay exit fees for cancelling your TV subscription early.

Bundled services: Providers sometimes offer a cheaper overall deal if you combine your broadband with other telecoms services such as TV or a landline.

2. Contact BT customer service

BT’s policies change periodically, so it's advisable to speak directly with a BT customer service representative to get the most current information. They can provide details specific to your account, including any potential changes to your broadband pricing once the TV service is cancelled.

3. Assess your broadband needs

Before proceeding, reassess your broadband needs. Ensure that your current broadband plan still suits your requirements without the TV package. Consider factors like internet speed, data caps, and usage patterns.

Ways to cancel your BT TV service

Phone Call: The fastest and easiest way to cancel your TV subscription is to call BT direct on 0800 800 150. Make sure you have your account number and any other account identifying documents to hand for when you speak with the customer service representative.

Online Chat: Alternatively, you can use the live chat function on BT’s website to request cancellation of your TV service.

In Writing: You can write a letter to BT requesting to cancel your TV subscription Make sure to include your account number, full name, and address your subscription is linked to. Address your letter to: BT TV PO Box 4865, Liverpool L69 3XD.

Whichever method you choose, ensure you make it clear to BT that you only wish to cancel the TV portion of your subscription and not your broadband.

If you’re interested, consider negotiating your existing bundle with BT

If cost is the driving reason for you terminating your TV service, then before speaking with BT, it’s a good idea to research any other broadband with TV deals that may be available – either with BT themselves or competitors.

Alternatively, if you no longer wish to use your TV service but want to retain your broadband, it’s worth looking at what standalone broadband deals are currently out there, and use this to try and negotiate for a better deal with BT once your subscription ends.

You may be able to use this information to broker a better deal, as BT may offer certain incentives to retain loyal customers.

After Cancellation

  • Confirmation and Final Bill

After your cancellation has been processed, you should receive a confirmation from BT. This will include details of any final charges or refunds applicable to your account.

  • Return any loaned equipment

If you received your BT YouView box after 19/12/2019, this will need to be returned. When going through the cancellation process, BT will confirm your address and send out a post-paid mailer so you can return your TV box easily and with no hassle.

4. Continue to monitor your broadband service

Post-cancellation, it’s a good idea to monitor your broadband service to ensure that it continues uninterrupted and that your future monthly bills have been adjusted to exclude your TV subscription.

Considerations and Tips

Timing is Key: Cancelling close to the end of your contract can minimize early termination fees.

Ask questions:  It’s always a good idea to ask the representative you speak to when cancelling about any hidden fees or changes to your broadband service.

Document Your Interactions: Keep a record of whom you spoke with and what was discussed for future reference.

Stay Updated: Regularly check BT’s website for new broadband deals or changes in policy.

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