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John Lewis Broadband, are an internet service provider (ISP) powered by Plusnet. How are they different from Plusnet, and are they the right provider for your needs? In this broadband guide we aim to give you a comprehensive overview to help you make a decision whether to switch to John Lewis Broadband.


Download speeds10 Mbps – 66 Mbps
Broadband Type Fibre
Home Phone/TV Bundlesyes/no
Pricesfrom £19.00 a month


As John Lewis Broadband is powered by Plusnet, customers will find very similar deals and pricing across the two providers.

John Lewis Broadband’s entry level deal offers speeds of 10 Mbps for £19.00 a month. While there is no set up fee, this deal is provides relatively slow speeds for its price. Plusnet’s entry deal with the same speeds is similarly priced at £18.99.

John Lewis’ next deal, has speeds of 36 Mbps at a price point of £24.00. The same speeds are available at Plusnet for £22.00 and an activation fee of £10.00. However, as John Lewis charges no activation fee, and adds in a £50 gift card to be used in John Lewis stores, their deal is better value for money overall.

36 Mbps in download speeds are sufficient for small, one to two person households with two or three devices connected. If you plan on spending a lot of time online gaming, while your partner is on Zoom calls or streaming shows, then we would recommend selecting a broadband deal with greater download speeds!

Finally, John Lewis Broadband’s fastest deal has download speeds of 63 Mpbs. This is ideal for small families, or young couples that spend a significant time online. At the price of £27.00 and a John Lewis gift card worth £75.00, this deal is better value than Plusnet’s deal with the same speeds.

Overall, John Lewis Broadband deals very closely reflect those offered by Plusnet. Whilst monthly costs may be slightly higher, John Lewis waive the activation fees and include a gift card, which can be handy for anyone who likes to shop at John Lewis.


John Lewis Broadband doesn’t have a great selection of broadband bundles or extras, compared to some of the biggest Broadband providers, but that is to be expected.

Like most providers however, they offer call plans. For no extra costs all John Lewis Broadband deals come with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.

If you’d like to use your home phone for more than that, you can upgrade for just £6.28 a month, which will allow you to to make UK calls anytime of the day. If you are interested in making international calls to your friends or family abroad, John Lewis Broadband offers an international calls package at an additional £8.37 a month. 

Compared to other broadband providers, John Lewis Broadband doesn’t offer many extras beyond a basic phone package. This means if you are heavy media user after a comprehensive package including broadband, tv, or a Spotify subscription, you will likely be better off looking elsewhere with some larger broadband providers!


As most other providers, John Lewis Broadband deals come with a free router. The website doesn’t specify which routers, but since the entire service is provided by Plusnet, their routers will be the same.

Their specific routers are called “Hub Two Router”, “Hub One Router”, “2704n Router”, “582n Router”, and you can find general set up guides on Plusnet’s website.

In general, routers sent by your broadband provider are perfectly sufficient to handle the speeds and connections needed with your selected broadband deal. If your broadband connection can’t reach certain rooms or parts of your home with your stock router, you can always upgrade your hardware.


Similarly, for the installation process, customers best visit Plusnet’s website for more information.

To summarise, the installation process is free, and customers will receive their router and explanation leaflet in the mail.


As of March 2022, John Lewis Broadband have a “bad” Trustpilot rating with 1.5 stars out of 5. In general, reviews as such tend to have a negative bias, as customers usually only get in touch when they have encountered an issue. Despite this, a negative rating is still something to bear in mind. 

John Lewis Broadband customers were most vocal about poor value deals, and difficult to contact customer service. John Lewis Broadband does not respond to any of the comments or feedback on Trustpilot, and are best contacted over the phone rather than email, according to one customer comment.


John Lewis GiftcardSlow Speeds
International phone bundlePoor Customer Service
Poor value deals

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