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Pop Telecom Broadband

Although one of the smaller players in the broadband market, Pop Telecom has been around for more than 20 years and is a family run business.  Based out of Essex they, like the majority of the broadband industry, use BT’s Openreach network, but are they any good?


Download Speeds11, 38 & 67 Mbps
Upload Speeds1, 10 & 19 Mbps
Type of broadbandADSL & fibre
Home Phone/TV PackagesYes
CostFrom £19.99/month

Broadband Speeds

Pop Telecom has two types of connections available and three different download speeds on offer.  Like most of the UK’s internet providers, Pop Telecom uses BT’s Openreach network and therefore offers very similar speeds as many of their competitors.

Their cheapest plan uses an ADSL connection that comes through a copper wire to your house. Whilst great for those on a budget, ADSL connections are considered to be on the lower spectrum of available deals, offering download speeds of 11 Mbps. This certainly isn’t a super-fast offering but if you live alone or are only looking to have a few devices connected to the internet, 11Mbps will more than suffice. This speed is ample to stream Netflix or BBC iPlayer. However, ADSL connections vary in quality as the further away your property is from the telephone exchange box the slower your connection will be. This package is has been very simply named “Broadband”. 
For more information on ADSL connections, check out our guide.

Pop Telecom’s next offering is called “Fibre Advanced” which like its name suggests uses a fibre connection, although not necessarily at “superfast” speeds. This deal offers download speeds of 38Mbps making it a better choice for a small family or a couple with many connected devices. Fibre broadband is still not available to all of the UK though, so be sure to check whether the availability in your area before selecting a deal. 

Finally, Pop Telecom’s fastest offering is named “Fibre Infinity” which offers speeds of up to 67Mbps, again using a fibre connection. This package should provide enough bandwidth for concurrent usage and streaming on several devices in your household.

Routers and Installation

According to their website, Pop Telecom provides the “latest high speed router from TP Link”. This is available for their Fibre Infinity offer, and is capable of connecting multiple devices, making it a good router for families. The router further has 4 lan ports for devices needed to be plugged in, and uses Beamforming Technology which strengthens wireless signals to achieve stronger connections. 

Once placing an order on Pop Telecom’s website, your broadband service will go live within a minimum of 10 working days. Should you need an engineer to visit, you will need to confirm you have tested negative for Covid-19. 

Customer Service

Pop Telecom has an “excellent” Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5, collected from over 5,000 reviews. Compared to some of the larger providers that are household names, their customer service rating is both higher and more consistent, likely due to it being a family run business. 

Customers can find an FAQ page on Pop Telecom’s site, as well as an online chat function available between 9am and 6pm. In addition, they can be contacted over the phone on the following numbers:

  • Sales Support: Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm on 0343 538 6666
  • Customer Service: Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm on 0343 538 6611
  • Technical Support: Monday to Sunday 9am until 6pm on 0343 538 6611
  • Billing Support: Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm on 0343 538636


In addition to providing broadband, Pop Telecom offer TV Bundles including HD channels and a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime. This can be purchased as an add-on to your existing broadband deal, or as a bundle with Fibre broadband. 

Pop Telecom further provides options for households not suited to regular packages. On their website they present a range of rural broadband deals, a 30 day rolling contract, as well as a broadband offer for over 60s. 

Final verdict

What we likeWhat could be better
Good selection of deals A more modern website
Family run businessSelection of bundles
Excellent customer service 

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