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How to cancel TalkTalk broadband


What to do before you cancel

Check your contract

Before cancelling your contract with TalkTalk, you’ll first need to contact TalkTalk directly to confirm the status of your contract. Broadband deals with TalkTalk usually run for 18-months, and you’ll need to pay an Early Termination Charge (ERC) if you want to end your contract early.

Cancelling your contract early

The process for cancelling your broadband deal mid-contract will be the same as if you were out-of-contract, the only difference being that you will have to be an Early Termination Charge (ERC) in addition to your final bill. TalkTalk should be able to tell you the exact ERC amount during the cancellation call.

What are the Early Termination Fees (ETFs) with TalkTalk?

If you decide to leave mid-contract, TalkTalk will charge an exit fee based on how many months you have remaining on your current deal. The per-month fee will vary depending on the package you’ve chosen.

The table below shows a summary of TalkTalk’s cancellation charges based on broadband deal.

PackageCharge per month remaining
Fast Broadband£10.80
Fibre 35£10.20
Fibre 65£10.20
Fibre 150£10.20
Fibre 250£10.20
Prices current as of January 2024

Can I cancel my broadband with TalkTalk early and not incur exit fees?

In most cases, if you want to cancel your contract with TalkTalk before the minimum term is up you will need to pay exit fees. However, there are select circumstances whereby you can cancel without having to pay a penalty.

Your broadband is too slow

If you’re experiencing broadband speeds that are slower than promised as the minimum speeds set out for the deal you signed up to, and because TalkTalk are a provider that has signed up to Ofcom’s voluntary broadband speed code of practice scheme, you have the right to cancel your contract without incurring any charge.

However, in order to be able to leave without incurring any early exit fees, you will need to let TalkTalk know about the speed issue and then give them one month to solve the problem. It is only if TalkTalk fail to do this within the specified timeframe that you will be eligible to leave early.

You wish to cancel within the first 14 days

If you decide you want to cancel your broadband with TalkTalk and are within 14 days of your order date, you are free to leave without penalty. Your cooling off period begins the day after you have signed up to the contract with TalkTalk.

TalkTalk's 'Great Connection Guarantee'

If you have signed up to any of TalkTalk’s fibre broadband services, you will be covered by their Great Connection Guarantee. This means that, if you are not satisfied with your connection in the first 30 days of your services having gone live, you are free to leave without penalty, and will only need to pay for the services you’ve used.

Can I cancel my broadband without having to contact TalkTalk directly?

If you’re switching to another provider that is on the Openreach network (e.g., not a provider who uses their own infrastructure such as Community Fibre, Virgin Media, or Hyperoptic Broadband), then you do not need to contact TalkTalk.

As of April 2023, all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were meant to begin adhering to Ofcom’s ‘One Touch Switch’ rules. These rules were designed so that you would no longer need to contact your new or current supplier when switching – even if it was to an ISP not on the Openreach network.

However, because Ofcom has uncovered providers failing to meet this obligation, it is always worth contacting TalkTalk yourself to ensure that your switch is being handled correctly.

How do I contact TalkTalk?

The quickest and easiest way to contact TalkTalk is to phone them direct on 0345 1720 088.

When phoning TalkTalk, you will likely be asked to verify your identity, so make sure you have your account details to hand. Like most broadband providers, TalkTalk will likely want to retain you as a customer and so, may offer you a number of deals to coax you to stay. If the price of what you’re paying each month is a major factor in your decision to leave TalkTalk, you may be able to use this opportunity to negotiate a better deal, otherwise, it is important to remain firm but polite and reject any offers that are made.

You can also write to TalkTalk to cancel your broadband contract:

TalkTalk Correspondence Dept.
PO Box 675
M5 0NL

In your letter, you will need to include account details such as your full name, address, telephone number, and physical signature at the end of your letter, as well as explain clearly why you are wishing to leave.

Bear in mind that TalkTalk will call you once they have received your cancellation letter, so it may be simpler to just phone TalkTalk directly to cancel, rather than having to wait for your letter to be read.

What is the notification period for cancelling broadband with TalkTalk?

If you are cancelling your TalkTalk broadband service and aren’t moving to another provider on the Openreach network, you will need to provide a notice period of 30 days.

If you are switching providers, this will usually be completed within 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to return my WiFi router or TV box to TalkTalk?

Whether you cancel your broadband with TalkTalk mid-contract or wait until your contract period expires, you will be asked to return your WiFi hub for recycling.

TalkTalk routers and TV boxes must be returned within 42 days or you may be charged £50. When you have organised your cancellation with TalkTalk, they should send you a pre-paid returns bag/

TalkTalk currently recycles the following devices:

  • TalkTalk WiFi Hub and WiFi Hub 2
  • Amazon eero 6 and eero 6 Pro
  • TalkTalk TV Hub and 4K TV boxes
  • TalkTalk WiFi Booster
  • TalkTalk GFast modem

Can I keep my TalkTalk email address once I change providers?

If you want to retain access to your TalkTalk email when you switch provider, you will need to pay for TalkTalk Mail Plus. This incurs a cost of £5 per month or £50 for a full year upfront.

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