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How to cancel Virgin Media Broadband


Check whether you're still in contract

The quickest and easiest way to check whether you’re still in contract is to sign into to your account on the Virgin Media website or My Virgin Media mobile app, available through both the Google Play or Apple store.

Alternatively, go to your email inbox and run a filter search for any communication received from Virgin Media. When you first signed up with Virgin, they should have emailed you you’re the details of your contract, which will include the length, providing you with at least an approximation of when it is due to expire.

If your mobile or home phone is with Virgin, you can call 150 to connect to the customer service team or dial 0345 454 1111 from any other phone.

If you're still in contract

If you’re still in your minimum contract period with Virgin and wish to cancel, you’ll be charged what Virgin refers to as an ‘early disconnection fee’, or more commonly known as a cancellation fee or early exit fee.

How does Virgin Media calculate its early disconnection fee?

Virgin Media states that its early disconnection fees vary between customers, depending on the services you gave, how much you pay for those services (including any discounts or offers), and how much of your minimum period remains for each service.

But Virgin determines the amount you’ll likely be charged depending on either “standard pricing” or “offer pricing”. For example, if you have a broadband bundle that has had a discount applied for the full duration of your contract, then you would refer to the “offer pricing” table. In all other scenarios, you would refer to the “standard pricing” table.

Standard Pricing

ServicesEarly Disconnection Fee range as a % of your current monthly charge
Home Phone Only97-99%
Broadband Only93-96%
Broadband and TV85-89%
Broadband and Home Phone94-96%
Triple (Broadband, TV, and Home Phone)85 - 95%

Offer Pricing

ServicesEarly Disconnection Fee range as a % of your current monthly charge
Broadband Only90-95%
Broadband and Home Phone93-95%
Triple (Broadband, TV, and Home Phone)78-92%

Can I cancel my broadband with Virgin media without incurring a disconnection fee?

Yes. Below are four examples of where you as a consumer, have the right to cancel your service with Virgin Media and not incur an early disconnection fee.

You are still within your 'cooling off' period

Known most commonly as a cooling off period, once you have signed up with Virgin Media, you will have 14 days in which to either cancel or switch your services to another provider without any charge. The only instance where you will not be compensated is when you spend money on pay-per-view TV during this time. For example, you cannot sign up, watch the latest Paul Logan fight and then cancel immediately after it has finished. Virgin Media will still charge you for what you have watched.

Your service does not work and Virgin Media is unable to fix it

Although this is rare, there are occasions where your Virgin Media service could develop a fault (e.g., far slower broadband speeds than promised, constant outages and interruptions etc.). If you have given four weeks Virgin Media to resolve this issue and they have failed to do so, you can leave without charge.

When you broadband speeds are a fraction of what was promised in your contract

When you first sign up, Virgin Media will tell you the average broadband speeds you can expect to get at your address. However, if the actual speeds you receive are far below this level, you may be eligible to leave without charge, providing Virgin Media is unable to remedy the situation.

It is important to remember that when measuring your broadband speed, you must do so with a device that is connected using an ethernet cable to the router. WiFi will never be able to deliver the full speeds promised on the Virgin Media network and should not be used if you want to see what speed you’re actually getting.

Virgin Media has raised the price of your package unexpectedly

Some broadband providers have annual price rises already baked into the terms and conditions of their contract. However, others – like Virgin Media and Sky Broadband – do not. So, if Virgin Media raises the price of what you pay for your broadband during your contract period, you can cancel your contract penalty-free, as long as it is within 30 days of receiving a notification from Virgin Media about the intended price rise.

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