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TalkTalk makes use of the BT Openreach network for a more reliable phone and broadband service, with a faster average speed, that being said they only offer connections to customers who are located within certain areas that have minimal outgoing costs for them, in order to be able to provide a low cost broadband and phone services.

With BT Openreach covering 95% of the UK, Talk Talk coverage is significantly smaller, but if you’re lucky enough to confirm availability of their services in your area then you can benefit from a wide range of broadband deals including TalkTalk’s superfast fibre and TalkTalk TV for some award winning entertainment.


Average download speeds30 Mbps – 900 Mbps
Average upload speeds30 Mbps – 900 Mbps
Broadband TypeFTTP, Full Fibre
Home PhoneNo
Prices from£39 per month, plus activation fee


The average speed combined with a reasonable monthly cost presents a balance, resulting in a good value for money product. The quicker the average speeds are within the broadband connection, the more possibilities there are for you. You can have more people online, operating multiple tasks simultaneously from streaming TV to playing video games.

The general rule of thumb is the more people online at once the faster you need your broadband average speeds to be. Your internet speed needs to accommodate all of your usage needs, if all you want to do is check emails and stream some ambient music then you won’t need much. If you’re into streaming 4K content and need to run Zoom meetings for work all day then a higher level of service is required. If you’re not sure what broadband speed you need, check our guide.

TalkTalk offers a choice of four download speeds to suit any of your needs, wether its gaming at peak times or watching the England game, it’ll all come together in one easy package with unlimited downloads across the board.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk’s fast broadband is their standard package, they deliver access to download speeds of 11Mbps. This is normally ok for one to two people using the network to stream content, manage finances with online banking or some social media. This package is not recommended for larger households or those with higher streaming demands as availability of bandwidth will be low. If you fall into the latter category, perhaps look below to some of the fibre connections available that can produce much faster connection speeds.

TalkTalk Fibre 35

The next offering in the TalkTalk line up is their Fibre 35 deal which isn’t quite superfast fibre fast but does offer generous internet options with an average speed of 38Mbps. This is significantly faster than your standard broadband connection and well suited to larger households who wish to have multiple users online at once. This is particularly useful when streaming TV and video content from Netflix or Amazon Prime.

TalkTalk Fibre 65

Next up on the TalkTalk deals list is the TalkTalk Fibre 65, coming is with an average speed of 67Mbps, perfect for a busy household. If you’re the collective of individuals that is gaming, streaming and making general use of the internet all the time then you may want to consider this option. Providing a stable internet connection with a large enough bandwidth to tackle almost anything thrown its way.

TalkTalk Fibre 150

Finally we have the super fast fibre offering from Talk Talk broadband. This generous internet package is the business and by far the best offering from this company, it provides lightning fast broadband with an estimated speed of 150Mbps on average. This is not readily available so new customers will have to check if they can get it hooked up in their property prior to purchase. The speed and bandwidth capabilities of this super fast fibre broadband are capable of taking of multiple 4K streaming devices as well as everything previously mentioned for a large household.


TalkTalk brings into play the possibility of adding a phone and TV package alongside your broadband connection. You can even request to contact one of their representatives to discuss a custom deal that includes TalkTalk TV as well as the best Broadband and phone combination that fits your local availability.

Broadband and phone

As standard TalkTalk will be able to offer any customers a pay as you go deal on their phone alongside any of their current broadband packages. You can of course choose to upgrade this in order to receive unlimited domestic landline and mobile calls. Alternatively you can always bolt on some extras if you ever run out of minutes.

Broadband and TalkTalk TV

In addition to a phone package TalkTalk TV is something you can opt into. You can enjoy the benefits of Freeview with a YouView Box with channels in excess of 80. TalkTalk TV also presents the opportunity to use additional subscription services such as NOW TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and BT Sport.



TalkTalk’s standard broadband comes with a super router, with great range and bandwidth capabilities, although can be limited when more people are using the service at once. Customers on the fibre packages, Fibre 35 and Fibre 65 will get a Wi-Fi Hub, which is twice as powerful as the standard broadband router. The next step up is the top end Wi-Fi Hub, exclusive to Fibre 150 customers with 7 antennae to provide the best and farthest reaching signal in your home.


From the time you sign up the installation process will take around two weeks. When you receive your router be sure to only activate it come your service activation date. If you are lacking a landline connection then you’ll need an engineer appointment.


TalkTalk offers a wide variety of broadband services with additions such as phone and TV packages that can appear to a variety of customers. You’ll need to make sure you’re within their coverage area to benefit from this. TalkTalk gets a 2.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, although not top marks it is ahead of most of its competition. 

For more information you can also check TalkTalk’s website, or if you’re not sure who to switch to yet, take a look at our Switchcraft site.

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