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With 325 years worth of history, over 680,000 home insurance customers in the UK alone, and having settled 88% of all home insurance claims in 2021, Aviva is a home insurance provider with an impossibly strong track record.

Types of home insurance available with Aviva

Aviva offers buildings and contents insurance separately or together as combined buildings and contents insurance. They also have a range of optional extras available, meaning you can customise your cover to suit your needs.

Aviva is a particularly good choice for those who require cover for high-end possessions, and because Aviva’s policies are fully customisable, you can always change the maximum insured for each item you choose to have covered.

Levels of cover

Aviva offers two levels of cover across its building and contents insurance policies – Online and Premium.

The table below highlights the features of both cover options. Please be aware that any additional cover you choose will increase your monthly or annual premiums.

PolicyPolicy TypeBuildings maximum sum insuredContents maximum sum insured
Aviva OnlineBuilding£1 millionN/A
Aviva OnlineContentsN/A£100,000
Aviva PremiumBuildingUnlimitedN/A
Aviva PremiumContentsN/AUnlimited

What does Aviva home insurance cover as standard?

Both of Aviva’s available cover – Online and Premium – include either contents, buildings, or combined contents and buildings cover, with the option to increase the maximum insured, as well as optional extras for full customisation of your policy.

Cover TypeAviva Online (Buildings)Aviva Online (Contents)Aviva Premium (Buildings)Aviva Premium (Contents)
Single ValuablesN/A£2,000N/A£2,000
Personal MoneyN/AUp to £750N/AUp to £750
Home Office EquipmentN/AUp to £5,000N/AUp to £5,000
Contents temporarily removed from homeN/AUp to £5,000N/AUp to £5,000
Garden ContentsN/A£1,500N/A£1,500
Loss of rent/cost of alternative accommodation£80,000 (or 20% of the buildings sum insured if higher)N/A£80,000 (or 20% of the buildings sum insured if higher)N/A
Theft from garage or outbuildingN/AUp to £2,500N/AUp to £2,500
Garden re-landscapingN/A£2,500N/A£2,500
Replacement locksUp to £1,000N/AUp to £1,000N/A
Food in FreezerN/AUp to £1,000N/AUp to £1,000
Leaking of heating fuel and metered waterN/AUp to £2,000N/AUp to £2,000
Alternative AccommodationN/AUp to £10,000N/AUp to £10,000
Fatal injury benefitN/AUp to £5,000N/AUp to £5,000
Tracing and accessing leaksUp to £5,000N/AUp to £5,000N/A
Emergency access up to buildings sum insured public liabilityUp to £5 millionN/AUp to £5 millionN/A
Household removals up to sum insuredN/AYesN/AYes
Emergency Access up to sum insuredYesN/AYesN/A
Occupier’s and personal liabilityN/AUp to £5 millionN/AUp to £5 million
Employers liabilityN/AUp to £10 millionN/AUp to £10 million
Tenants liabilityN/AUp to £15,000N/AUp to £15,000
Contents accidental damage   Included
Contents matching items for loss or damage   Included
Buildings accidental damage  Included 

Optional extras

Optional extras, also known as add-ons, can be bolted on to the home insurance policy you choose. Although optional extras will increase the cost of your premiums, it will extend your overall cover.

Protected no-claim discount

If you haven’t made a claim on your home insurance for five or more years, you can use this optional extra to protect the no-claims discount on your policy.

This will provide cover up to £100,000 of legal costs per claim for your or any family living with you. Includes access to a 24/7 helpline.

Extra personal belongings cover (worldwide)

Provides cover for personal items up to £2,000 for any one item (you can take out extra cover for anything that costs more). Additonal cover of £750 for cash, up to £1,000 for credit cards, and £1,500 for belongings stolen from a vehicle.

Home emergency cover

Allows up to £1,000 in repair costs with no extra to pay. Also includes up to £1,000 in alternative accommodation costs if there’s an emergency in your home and you need to vacate the property (e.g., pest infestation).

Pedal Cycle cover

Pedal cycles are automatically covered as part of your contents cover when they are kept inside your property. However, if you want to cover your cycles away from home, you will need to add Pedal Cycle cover to your policy.

Defaqto rating

Both Aviva’s Online and Premium policies have been awarded a five star rating by Defaqto*.

Excess and no-claims discount


Standard excess with Aviva is £200, but you can select different excesses for both buildings and contents insurance by customising your policy. The minimum is £100.

For subsidence claims, the standard excess is £1,000. However, this amount can change depending on the history of your property/where your property is located.

No-claims discount

Aviva offers a no-claims discount as standard, as well as the optional extra mentioned above to protect your discount.

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