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Having provided financial services to London for more than three hundred years, Barclays has built itself up to become one of the most trusted names in UK finance.

In addition to their banking services, Barclays also offers a range of insurance options, including car, travel, life, and home insurance.

Who underwrites Barclays home insurance?

All of Barclays home insurance policies are underwritten by Gresham Insurance Company Limited.

Types of home insurance available with Barclays

Barclays offers three types of home insurance:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Combined buildings and contents insurance

Unlike some insurance providers who will offer these insurance types over a level of tiers (e.g., bronze, silver, gold etc.), Barclays only offers one level of comprehensive cover, helping simplify the process.

The table below highlights the basics of what is covered by their buildings and contents cover policies.

PolicyPolicy TypeBuildings maximum sum insuredContents maximum sum insured
Barclays Home InsuranceBuildingsUnlimitedN/A
Barclays Home InsuranceContentsN/A£150,000

What does Barclays buildings insurance offer as standard?

Buildings cover with Barclays is designed to protect your home should it become damaged in an extreme weather event, fire, or subsidence.

Not only do Barclays provide unlimited rebuild and repair costs to your home, but their buildings cover also extends to that of permanent fixtures, outbuildings, boundary walls, drives, paths, pools and gates.

CoverBarclays Home Insurance (Buildings)
Rebuilding or repairing of your home as a result of fire, storm, flood, subsidence, or other damage.Unlimited
Matching Items to replace a damaged part of a set ,such as bathroom tiles.Up to £10,000
Alternative accommodation if you’re unable to live in your home after a flood, fire, or other emergencyUp to £100,000

What does Barclays contents insurance offer as standard?

Contents insurance is designed to cover the items in your home. This includes personal belongings you could take with you if you moved home – such as furniture, clothing, electronics, carpets and curtains.

Barclays contents cover includes:

CoverBarclays Home Insurance (Contents)
Cover for possessions in your home and your gardenUnlimited
Matching items to replace a damaged part of a set, such as a sofa or dinner setUnlimited
Valuable itemsUp t £20,000

Optional extras

In addition to their optional extras for buildings cover, Barclays also offers add-ons for their contents and combined buildings and contents policies.

Buildings accidental damage cover

Provides cover for accidents that befall your home such as broken windows, cracked basins, and damaged pipes.

Personal cover

Provides worldwide cover for the belongings you wear or take with you – such as jewellery, clothes, books, bags, money, and watches – against loss, theft, or damage.

Gadget cover

Specific cover to protect your gadgets – mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other portable electronic devices. This cover also extends to any family members living with you permanently.

Bike cover

Covers your bike in case of loss or theft. Also includes added personal liability insurance. So, if you have an accident, Barclays will pay up to £5 million to cover your legal liabilities if you have to pay damages or claimant’s costs and expenses for: accidental bodily injury or illness, disease, death, or accidental damage to someone’s property.

Sports equipment cover

Provides specific cover for loss, theft, or damage of any equipment and clothing you use solely for sporting activities, with unspecified single item cover up to £1,000.

Home emergency cover

Provides up to £1,000 for call outs, parts and labour from a professional serviceman on Barclays panel when an emergency happens in your home, including: loss of essential services like mains, water, electricity, and gas, Sudden damage to your roof, plumbing problems, and removal of pest infestations (e.g. mice, wasps).

Protected no-claims discount

Allows two claims within five years without affecting your no-claim discount. Your premium also won’t be affected as a direct result of making a claim.

Excess and no-claims discount


If you do need to make a claim through your home insurance, you’ll need to pay out a minimum fee, known as an excess. Excess is usually split into compulsory excess and voluntary excess.

Compulsory excess is set by your home insurer your home insurer and is a fixed amount that you must pay towards any claim. This amount is non-negotiable and will depend on the type of policy that you have and the insurer’s terms and conditions.

Barclays do have a compulsory excess on certain claims, but these are only revealed on your policy schedule. So, you’ll need to run a quote with them first to find out exactly how much you’ll need to pay in excesses.

No-claims discount

To further protect your no claims discount, some insurers also offer what is known as protected no claims discount, or no claim bonus protection. This means that you pay a fee to keep your no-claims discount intact in the event you need to make a claim.

Barclays offers a no-claims discount as standard, as well as an option to protect this discount for an additional fee under optional extras.

Defaqto rating

Barclay’s home insurance was last rated by Defaqto in 2022, with a five-star rating being given for their buildings, contents, and combined buildings and contents insurance policies.

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