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Launched in 2000, Esure has grown steadily over the years, to a point where it now serves a range of insurance products – including car and home insurance – to more than 2 million customers across the UK.

Esure’s founder, Sir Peter Wood, revolutionised the industry back in 1985 with Direct Line – the first UK insurance company to provide insurance policies over the phone.

With the advent of the internet and the goal of streamlining the process even further, Esure offers easy-to-understand, straightforward home insurance policies that encapsulate Sir Wood’s vision.

Who underwrites Esure home insurance?

Esure home insurance is underwritten by Esure Insurance limited. The optional extras cover for family legal protection is underwritten by AM Trust Europe Limited, with Home Emergency and Pest Control cover underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA).

Types of home insurance with Esure

Esure offers three types of home insurance:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Combined buildings and contents insurance

Levels of cover

Esure offers just one policy level. This policy level is available for buildings, contents, or a combined buildings and contents policy.

Policy NamePolicy TypeBuilding maximum sum insuredContents maximum sum insured
EsureContentsN/AVaried limit
EsureCombined buildings and contentsUnlimitedVaried limit

What does Esure home insurance cover as standard?

Below is what Esure home insurance covers as standard for its buildings, contents, and combined buildings and contents policies.

Cover TypeBuildingsContentsCombined Buildings and Contents
Alternative accommodation£75,000£10,000£75,000
Emergency entryUnlimitedN/AUnlimited
External door locks£1,000£1,000£1,000
Professional fees, clearance costs and local authority requirementsUnlimitedN/AUnlimited
Fixtures and fittingsUnlimitedN/AUnlimited
Trace and access£5,000N/A£5,000
Sale of your homeUnlimitedN/AUnlimited
Frozen and/or burst pipesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Underground servicesUnlimitedN/AUnlimited
Your liability as the owner of your home£2 millionN/A£2 million
Your liability as the owner of your previous homes£2 millionN/A£2 million
Your liability as a tenantN/A£10,000£10,000
Personal liability and your liability as occupier of your homeN/A£2 million£2 million
Special events cover (birthdays/weddings/births/religions festivals)N/AContents sum insured plus up to 10% (religious festivals up to 15%)Contents sum insured plus up to 10% *religious festivals up to 15%)
Contents in outbuildings (limit applies to theft only claims)N/A£2,000£2,000
Contents in gardenN/A£2,000£2,000
Contents temporarily removed from the homeN/A£7,000£7,000
Deeds and documentsN/A£2,500£2,500
Domestic staff – your liability as employerN/A£10 million£10 million
Fatal accident benefitN/A£5,000£5,000
Freezer and refrigerator contentsN/A£1,000£1,000
Household removalN/AContents sum insuredContents sum insured
Metered water, oil, or liquid petroleum gasN/A£2,000£2,000
Mirrors and glassN/AContents sum insuredContents sum insured
New for old coverN/AContents sum insuredContents sum insured
Nursing home coverN/A£5,000£5,000
Office Equipment for the homeN/A£10,000£10,000
Pedal cyclesN/A£500 (unless listed as a specified item)£500 (unless listed as a specified item)
Personal possessions in a locked motor vehicleN/A£750£750
Seasonal increaseN/AContents sum insured plus 15%Contents sum insured plus 15%
Students coverN/A£5,000£5,000
Visitors’ effectsN/A£2,500£2,500
Wedding giftsN/AContents sum insured plus 10%Contents sum insured plus 10%

Optional extras

Alongside its standard cover, Esure offers a range of optional extras, allowing you to customise your cover to suit your needs.

However, it’s important to be aware that any extras you do opt for will increase the cost of your monthly or annual premium.

Provides up to £50,000 in legal costs cover for you and your family. Events such as employment tribunals and damages for personal injury are covered.

Home emergency cover

Esure will organise for a tradesman on their panel to visit your home for emergency repairs. Call-out charge, labour costs, as well as parts and materials all up to a limit of £5000 including VAT. 

Pest cover

Will cover exterminations of wasps, wasp and hornet nests, mice rats, and squirrels up to £150. In the case of bedbugs, cover is extended to £200.

Personal possessions cover

Provides cover for personal belongings (e.g., mobile phone, jewellery etc.) that are taken outside the home.

Excess and no-claims discount

Compulsory excesses for the following claims made with Esure are as follows:

  • Contents, personal possessions, and specified items compulsory excess: £125
  • Buildings policy compulsory excess: £125
  • Escape of water compulsory excess: £450
  • Subsidence compulsory excess: £1,000
  • Home emergency call-out compulsory excess: £25

No-claims discount

If a claim isn’t made for a year on your home insurance, Esure will offer a no claims discount upon renewal. If you do not make a claim for five or more years, you can choose to safeguard your no claims discount by paying an additional amount on your premium.

Defaqto rating

Although Esure only offers one type of policy, it has been awarded the highest rating by Defaqto, five stars.

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