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Working out of Bournemouth, Rias was first launched in 1992 and offers a wide range of insurance products, including life, car, and home insurance.

The company is owned by Belgian-French insurance company, Ageas Retail Ltd.

Rias does market its services to an older demographic, offering cover for devices such as stairlifts and wheelchairs. However, its policies are such that, any customer regardless of age, would find them a suitable consideration.

Who underwrites Rias home insurance?

All Rias’ home insurance policies are underwritten by Ageas Insurance Ltd.

Types of home insurance available with Rias

To help simplify the home insurance process, Rias offers just one tier of home insurance. This home insurance is split into three policy types:-

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Combined buildings and contents insurance

The table below highlights the basics of what each type of Rias’ policy covers.

PolicyPolicy TypeBuildings maximum sum insured*Contents maximum sum insured**
Rias buildings insuranceBuildings£1 millionN/A
Rias contents insuranceContentsN/A£50,000
Rias combined buildings and contents insuranceCombined buildings and contents£1 million£50,000
*Eligibility criteria applies
**The maximum sum insured for contents can be increased under optional extras. However, this will increase your premiums.

What does Rias home insurance cover as standard?

Rias includes a wide range of cover across its policy types, with the choice for optional extras to allow you to fully customise the level of cover you want.

As a bonus, Rias has built into its contents and combined buildings and contents policies ‘theft by bogus officials’ cover. They also provide up to £1,000 towards counselling fees.

Buildings insurance£1 millionN/A
Contents insuranceN/A£50,000
Public liability as owner of the building£2 millionN/A
Public liability as occupier of the homeN/A£2 million
Alternative accommodation£100,000Up to 20% of maximum sum insured
Protection against squatters£10,000N/A
Protection against damage caused by emergency servicesIncludedN/A
Moving homeIncludedN/A
Trace and access leaks£5,000N/A
Replacement locks and keys£1,000£1,000
Contents at UniversityN/A£5,000
Theft or attempted theftN/AIncluded
Theft by bogus officialsN/A£500
Damage caused by oil leakingN/AIncluded
Accidental damage to electrical equipmentN/AIncluded
Accidental breakage in your home (including glass and ceramic hobs)N/AIncluded
Loss of metered waterN/A£1,000
Loss of metered oilN/A£1,000
Refrigerated and frozen foodN/A£1,000
High-risk itemsN/A£1,500
High-risk items – business equipmentN/A£5,000
High-risk items – deeds and documentsN/A£2,500
High-risk items – money and credit cardsN/A£500
Loss or damage to downloaded dataN/A£2,500
Property in the open air (including a carport)N/A£2,000
Contents of outbuildingsN/A£5,000
Jury serviceN/A£1,000
Shopping in transitN/A£500
Carers’ contentsN/A£350
Guests’ contentsN/A£350
Contents professionally packedN/AIncluded
Dual contents coverN/AIncluded
Fatal injuryN/A£5,000
Damage as a tenantN/AUp to 10% of the maximum claims limit
Celebration coverN/AAutomatically increase by 10% for one month before and one month after the event
Counselling feesN/A£1,000
Nursing home/residential care home/staying with family and friendsN/A20% of contents sum insured
Medical equipment on loanN/A£5,000
Accidental damage to wheelchairs and stairlifts in the homeN/AIncluded

Optional extras

Rias offers a range of optional extras which can be bolted on to your chosen policy. Although these add-ons will provide you a wider range of cover against certain eventualities, it is worth bearing in mind that any you choose will increase the cost of your monthly or annual premiums.

Home Protection£500N/A
Home protection plus£500 (plus £1,000 for emergency call out and boiler repair)N/A
Personal legal protection£50,000£50,000
Accidental damage extensionYesYes
Excess protection£500£500
Key protection£1,500Yes
High-risk item extensionN/AOver £100,000
Unspecified personal belongings away from homeN/AYes
Specified personal belongings away from homeN/AYes
Pedal cycle extensionN/AYes
Bikes over £350N/A£5,000

Excess and no-claims discount

Although most home insurance providers will only set a compulsory excess for specific claims, such as a subsidence claim, Rias has a compulsory excess of £50 on all of it claims, except for the following: –

  • Subsidence, ground heave, or landslip compulsory excess: £1,000 (with contents insurance this excess is reduced to £50)

No-claims discount

Some home insurance providers will offer an incentive to policyholders whereby if no claim is made for 12 months, a discount on premium will be offered the following year at renewal. This is known as a ‘no claims discount’ and can accumulate for every year a claim isn’t made, typically for up to five years.

Unfortunately, Rias does not offer a no claims discount on any of its home insurance policies.

Defaqto rating

Although Rias only offers one type of policy, it has been awarded the highest rating by Defaqto, five stars.

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