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Sainsbury’s Bank

The UK’s first supermarket bank, Sainsbury’s offers a range of award-winning financial products including travel money, credit cards, savings, loans, travel, car, life, pet, and home insurance.

After more than 150 years on the high street as one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, it’s little wonder that customers are turning to the brand for their home insurance needs.

Who underwrites Sainsbury’s home insurance?

Sainsbury’s home insurance is underwritten by UK Insurance Limited.

Types of home insurance available with Sainsbury’s bank

Sainsbury’s offers three types of home insurance:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Combined buildings and contents insurance

These insurance types are available across two tiers: Home and Home Plus. 

The table below highlights what each type of Sainsbury’s policies cover.

PolicyPolicy TypeBuildings maximum sum insuredContents maximum sum insured
Sainsbury’s HomeBuildings£1 millionN/A
Sainsbury’s Home PlusContentsN/A£75,000*
Sainsbury’s HomeBuildings£1 millionN/A
Sainsbury’s Home PlusContentsN/A£75,000*
*Both Sainsbury’s Home and Home Plus Contents policies have a single valuable item limit of £2,000.

What does Sainsbury’s buildings insurance offer as standard?

Sainsbury’s buildings cover is designed to give you peace of mind should the worst happen to your home. With two policy types to choose from, which one will suit you will depend on your property individual needs.

The table below shows a quick. side-by-side comparison of what each policy has to offer.

CoverSainsbury’s Home Insurance (Buildings)Sainsbury’s Home Insurance Plus (Buildings)
Rebuilding of your home because of fire, storm, flood, theft, escape of water and subsidenceUp to £1 millionUp to £1 million
Trace and access to the source of a leak for escape of water or oilYesYes
Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theftYesYes
Property owners’ liability insuranceYesYes
Lost or stolen keysYesYes
Alternative accommodation if your home is uninhabitable after an incident covered by your insuranceYesYes
Accidental damage to fixed ceramic hob, sanitary ware, fixed glassYesYes
Home Emergency CoverOptionalIncluded
Family Legal ProtectionOptionalIncluded

Sainsbury’s Home Plus

Also, both levels of cover are similar, the Home Plus option does include the following optional extras as standard.  

Home emergency cover

Covers a range of home emergencies such as plumbing and drainage issues, pest infestations, and boiler and heating systems breakdowns.  Sainsbury’s will liaise with you and arrange for a tradesman to visit, paying up to £1,000 (including VAT) for an emergency repair.

This cover provides access to a list of specialist lawyers who will help you and your family cover the cost of going to court for the following:- if you have a dispute over faulty goods, are in an accident where you’re not at fault, injured as the result of medical negligence, have an employment dispute, or if someone trespasses on or damages your home.

You will also be given access to a 24-hour legal advice helpline.

Enhanced accidental damage cover for buildings insurance

Provides extra cover on top of your existing policy to include accidents such as putting your foot through the roof.

What does Sainsbury’s contents home insurance offer as standard?

The items within your property is what helps make your house a home. Protecting these belongings with contents insurance can help give you peace of mind and ensure your personal possessions can be replaced should the worst happen.

Like the Home Plus option for buildings, Sainsbury’s Home Plus Contents options will also include Home Emergency Cover and Family Legal Protection cover as standard.

The table below shows a quick. side-by-side comparison of what each policy has to offer.

CoverSainsbury’s Home Insurance (Contents)Sainsbury’s Home Insurance Plus (Contents)
Cover for contents£75,000£75,000
Single-item limit£2,000£2,000
Accidental damage to TV, DVD, and games consolesYesYes
Alternative accommodation if your home is uninhabitable after an incident covered by your insurance£15,000 (up to £50,000 when combined with buildings cover)£15,000 (up to £50,000 when combined with buildings cover)
Garden cover (plants, garden items and children’s toys)£2,000£2,000
Freezer foodYesYes
Home Emergency CoverOptionalIncluded
Family Legal ProtectionOptionalIncluded

Optional extras

Whether it’s buildings or contents cover or both, Sainsbury’s standard and Plus home insurance allows you to fully customise your cover with its range of optional extras.

Some of these optional extras are included with the Home Insurance Plus option as standard.

Remember: any additional extras you add into your policy will increase the cost of your monthly or annual premiums. So, if you are thinking of going for Sainsbury’s standard cover and are finding you require at least one of the add-ons included with Plus, it may be more cost effective to choose Home Insurance Plus instead.

Enhanced accidental damage cover for contents insurance

Will provide additional cover for the belongings in your home in case of accidents, such as spilling coffee on your new white carpet.

Key cover

Helps cover the cost of lost or stolen keys. Also includes changing parts of the locks or replacing the locks to your home.

Personal possessions cover

Provides cover for you and your family’s belongings if they become lost, stolen, or are accidentally damaged in the home. This also extends for possessions you take outside the home such as your mobile phone and laptop, with cover provided for travelling anywhere in the world for up to 60 days.

Also includes bike cover away from home whereby if either your – or a family member’s bike – is stolen, lost, or accidentally damaged, you’ll be covered up to £1,000 for each bike.

Excess cover

Will refund the excess you have paid, following any eligible and successfully settled claim on your policy.

If you’ve had to pay out an excess for this claim, or had it be deducted from the settlement you’ve received, you’ll be refunded the excess, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Cover to pursue legal claims such as an accident where you aren’t at fault, and employment tribunals. Also provides access to a 24-hour legal advice helpline.

Home emergency cover (included with Home Insurance Plus)

Cover of up to £1,000 (including VAT) for call out, labour, parts, and materials to cover an emergency service following an insured event.

Excess and no-claims discount

Although we take out home insurance with the hope that we’ll never need to use it, there may be times when it is unavoidable. If you do need to make a claim through your home insurance, you’ll need to pay out a minimum fee, known as an excess. Excess is usually split into compulsory excess and voluntary excess.

Compulsory excess, also known as fixed excess, is determined by your home insurance provider and is the amount you must pay when making a claim.

Voluntary excess, on the other hand, is an amount paid set by you, the policyholder, and is intended to be what you can afford to contribute if you need to make a claim. The amount you choose to pay as voluntary excess will be in addition to the amount you pay for compulsory excess.

Sainsbury’s states that details about compulsory and voluntary excess will be printed on your policy schedule, so you’ll need to run a quote with them to find out about their minimums.

Why is it a good idea to pay a voluntary excess?

The purpose of voluntary excess is that the more you can contribute towards a claim, the less your premiums will be.

No-claims discount

Sainsbury’s offers a no claims discount (NCD) on both its buildings and contents policies, with each year you go without making a claim, the bigger discount you’ll receive.

Sainsbury’s have stated that your NCD will increase with each year you remain claim free, but they do not specifically state the number of years before discounts will no longer be applied.

Defaqto rating

Both Sainsbury Bank’s Home Insurance and Home Insurance Plus policies were rated 5-stars by Defaqto for 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sainsbury’s home insurance cover available in Northern Ireland?

Yes. Both of Sainsbury’s home insurance options, Home Insurance and Home Insurance Premier, are available in Northern Ireland.

Will I receive a discount on my home insurance if I have a Nectar card?

Yes. Sainsbury’s offers exclusive discounts and rewards for customers who sign up to their home insurance using their Nectar points card.

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