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Sheila’s Wheels

First launched in 2005 as part of the esure brand, Sheila’s Wheels offers a range of insurance options including car, travel, and home insurance.

Who underwrites Sheila’s Wheels home insurance?

Sheila’s Wheels home insurance is underwritten by esure Insurance Limited.

Their optional extra cover of Family Legal Protection is administered by Arcl Legal Assistance Limited and underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited.

Types of home insurance available with Sheila’s Wheels

To help demystify the home insurance process, Sheila’s Wheels offers just one tier of home insurance, which is split into three policy types:-

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Combined buildings and contents insurance

The table below highlights the basics of what each home insurance type offers.

PolicyPolicy TypeBuildings maximum sum insuredContents maximum sum insured
Sheila’s Wheels buildings home insuranceBuildingsUnlimitedN/A
Sheila’s Wheels contents insuranceContentsN/ATwo thirds of maximum sum insured for household goods and one third for high risk items.*
Sheila’s Wheels combined buildings and contents insuranceCombined buildings and contentsUnlimitedTwo thirds of maximum sum insured for household goods and one third for high risk items.*
*Sheila’s Wheels classifies “household goods” to be as items such as clothing, linen, carpets, curtains and blinds, which belong to you or your household for which you are legally responsible. The insurer identifies “High risk” items as belongings that thieves are likely to find more attractive such as jewellery, antiques, paintings, mobile phones, computer equipment, watches, stamp and/or coin collections and pedal cycles.

What does Sheila’s Wheels buildings insurance offer as standard?

Buildings cover with Sheila’s Wheels is designed to protect your home should it become damaged in an extreme weather event, fire, or subsidence.

CoverSheila’s Wheels Buildings Insurance
Rebuilding or repairing of your home as a result of fire, storm, flood, subsidence, or other damage.Unlimited
Alternative accommodation if you’re unable to live in your home after a flood, fire, or other emergency£75,000
Emergency EntryUnlimited
External door locks£1,000
Glass and sanitary wareUnlimited
Professional fees, clearance closts and local authority requirementsUnlimited
Sale of your homeUnlimited
Trace and access£5,000
Underground servicesUnlimited
Your liability as the owner of your home£2 million
Your liability as the owner of your previous homes£2 million

What does Sheila’s Wheels contents insurance offer as standard?

Contents insurance is designed to cover the items in your home. This includes personal belongings you could take with you if you moved home – such as furniture, clothing, electronics, carpets and curtains.

Sheila’s Wheels contents cover includes:

CoverSheila’s Wheels Contents insurance
Alternative accommodation£10,000
AnniversariesContents sum insured plus 10%
BirthdaysContents sum insured plus 10%
BirthsContents sum insured plus 10%
Contents in your garden£2,000
Contents in your outbuildings£2,000
Contents which are temporarily removed from the home£7,000
Deeds and documents£2,500
Domestic staff – your liability as their employer£10 million
External door locks£1,000
Fatal accident benefit£5,000
Freezer and refrigerator contents£1,000
Household removalContents sum insured
Metered water, oil, or liquid petroleum gas£2,000
Mirrors and glassContents sum insured
Nursing home£5,000
Office equipment£10,000
Pedal cycles£500 unless specified item
Personal possessions in a locked motor vehicle£750
Personal liability and your liability as occupier of your home£2 million
Religious festivalsContents sum insured plus 15%
Students contents£5,000
Various effects£2,500
Wedding giftsContents sum insured plus 10%
Your liability as a tenant£10,000

Optional extras

In addition to what is included with their buildings and contents policies, Sheila’s Wheels also offer a range of optional extras.

These can be bolted on to either your buildings, contents, or combined buildings and contents policy to further customise your home insurance to suit your personal needs.

Be aware, however, that an optional extra you choose will increase the cost of your monthly or annual premiums.

Provides up to £50,000 of legal costs cover (up to £10,000 for employment disputes and includes access to expert lawyers. Events covered include personal injury, employment tribunals, jury cover, and more.

Home emergency cover

Sheila’s Wheels will organise for a tradesman on their panel to visit your home (including those who work out-of-hours). Cover includes call-out charge, labour cost, and parts and materials to a limit of £500 including (VAT). A £25 compulsory excess applies, but your no claims discount will not be affected.

Personal possessions cover

Provides cover for the accidental loss, damage, and theft of your personal possessions while they are temporarily removed from your home anywhere in the UK, and for up to 60 consecutive days anywhere in the rest of the world.

Pest cover

Covers exterminations up to £200 for bedbugs, and up to 3150 for wasps, hornet nests, mice, rats, and squirrels.

Excess and no-claims discount

Sheila’s Wheels states that they do have compulsory excess with a number of claims, but that this exact amount can only be determined once someone has run a quote with them.

No-claims discount

A no claims discount (NCD), also known as a no claims bonus, is a discount sometimes offered by home insurance providers to customers who do not make a claim on their policy during a particular period. The discount is seen as a reward for being a responsible home owner, and is typically applied to the cost of the insurance premium at the time of renewal.

The exact discount you’ll receive varies between insurers and policies, but it usually increases for every consecutive year you don’t make a claim up to a maximum amount.

Sheila’s Wheels offers a no claims discount whereby, for each year you are claim-free, you will receive a discount on your policy premium.

The discount is applied each year you renew your existing policy, and can be applied for a maximum of five years.

Defaqto rating

As of 2023, Sheila’s Wheel is rated five stars by Defaqto for its home insurance policy.

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