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Shell Energy Broadband is Provided by Openreach


The UK broadband sector has a large number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), all of which are vying for the consumers' attention.

Within this assortment lies Shell Energy Broadband. Once best known as an energy supplier, Shell has expanded their services to include a range of internet options for households across the country.

But who is behind Shell Energy broadband?

A Shift from Oil to Energy

Most people would recognise Shell as one of the world’s leading oil companies. Founded in 1907, Shell has served in providing petroleum products to every corner of the globe. But in recent years, Shell has expanded its horizons, delving into the world of renewable energy and broadband.

In February 2018, Shell completed its acquisition of First Utility -a Warwick-based energy supplier and broadband provider that served more than 700,000 UK homes. The acquisition marked Shell’s entry into both the UK’s domestic energy market, and telecommunications sector. Subsequently, First Utility was rebranded as Shell Energy, with all First Utility customers switched to Shell.

In early 2021, Shell would also go on to absorb the Post Office’s broadband and telephony business, expanding its broadband customer base by another 450,000 households.

Shell Energy broadband and BT Openreach: A Strategic Partnership

For a large number of the biggest broadband providers in the UK, the BT Openreach network serves as the backbone of their telecommunications services. Shell Energy Broadband is no exception.

BT Openreach owns and maintains the telephone cables, ducts, green cabinets, and exchanges that are used to connect the majority of homes and businesses in the UK. They then rent out this infrastructure to broadband providers so that these providers can offer their own deals and services to customers.

When Shell Energy entered the broadband market, it made strategic sense for the now internet provider to utilise this existing infrastructure rather than expending costs on building their own from scratch.

As a result, BT, like many others in the market, leases access to the Openreach network. By doing so, it allows them to offer broadband services across a majority of the UK without the need for significant physical infrastructure investments.

The future of its partnership with BT Openreach

Openreach continues to invest in upgrading its infrastructure, with a strong focus on expanding it’s full fibre network across the UK.

And so, as Openreach continues to rollout these improvements, Shell Energy Broadband, and other providers using the network, stand to benefit from access to faster and more reliable connections.

This ongoing development ensures that Shell Energy customers can look forward to an even better quality of service, but at around the same price point.

Why should I choose Shell Energy for broadband?

Shell Energy offers a range of broadband packages across standard ADSL, fibre, and full fibre broadband. The type of broadband connection you’ll be able to get with Shell will largely depend on where you live, but Shell has ensured that whichever broadband package you choose, it is competitively priced.

Below are some reasons you may want to consider Shell Energy for your broadband:

No Exit Fees: Unlike some providers who will charge heft early exit fees, Shell Energy Broadband allows its customers to switch providers without penalty at any time.

Competitive pricing: A major selling point for Shell Energy Broadband is contained within its competitive pricing. And, if you’re an existing Shell customer for gas and electricity, you will often have exclusive access to special promotional offers and discounts.

Reliability: Through using the BT Openreach network, Shell Energy Broadband is able to offer stable and reliable internet connections. And, it’s customer service is also touted as responsive and efficient, with some of the highest ratings on Trustpilot.

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