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How to install Virgin Media broadband


Thanks to Virgin Media’s free QuickStart self-install kit, you can connect your broadband yourself right out of the box and save the cost of an installation appointment in the process.

What is QuickStart installation?

Virgin Media’s QuickStart has been designed so that you can plug your broadband straight in without any technical know-how or the need for a visit from an engineer.

How do I get QuickStart?

If QuickStart is available on the broadband deal you’ve chosen, simply select ‘self-install’ and your preferred delivery method at checkout. Your QuickStart box can either be delivered by courier (Yodel) or you can pick up direct from a Yodel store, whichever is more convenient.

QuickStart installation is only available at addresses that have had Virgin Media services in the past. So, even if you select ‘QuickStart’ at checkout, Virgin will check to make sure your property is compatible for this installation type when confirming your order.

What is in the QuickStart box?

In your QuickStart installation box you’ll find the following:

  • A new router, called the WiFi Hub (and a TV box and/or phone cable if you have chosen additional landline and TV services with Virgin).
  • Cables: Most QuickStart kits will include 6 cables, connectors and powerlines to plug in. Each will be clearly labelled and colour-coded, so you can more quickly and easily tell what needs to go where.

Virgin includes a helpline number on the pack of the kit itself so that should you get stuck at any point during the self-install process, you can speak with an expert who wil walk you through the process. If they’re unable to help, they will organise for a free appointment within 48 hours for an engineer to be sent to your home to finish the installation process.

How long does QuickStart installation take?

With QuickStart, installation is estimated to take:

  • 30 minutes for installing the WiFi hub
  • 5 minutes to install your Phone line (optional extra)
  • 15 minutes to install your TV box (optional extra)

These approximated times also include needing to leave the Hub to standalone without any interaction for 10 minutes and the TV box 5 minutes.

How much does QuickStart installation cost against installation with an engineer?

The QuickStart self-install kit is entirely free from Virgin and can be delivered either directly to your address or selected Click & Collect point for no extra cost.

By comparison, if you choose QuickStart but it is unavailable at your address, Virgin Media will send out an engineer to install your broadband for no extra cost. However, if QuickStart is available to you, but you choose not to opt for this method, you will be charged a £30 installation appointment fee.

And, whether you choose self-install or to have an engineer visit, Virgin Media will always have a £35 activation fee attached for their services.

Can I plug my Virgin Media WiFi Hub into a phone line that is not from Virgin?

No. Only a Virgin Media phone line will connect to your WiFi Hub. You will not be able to connect your broadband, TV or phone service from Virgin Media with a phone line from a different provider.

Where should I place my WiFi Hub to get the best signal?

When choosing a spot for any router, it’s always ideal to keep them upright and in the open, away from any obstructions such as furniture or thick walls. It is also recommended to have your router at least one metre from any fish tanks or electronics that could interfere with the signal (e.g., a baby monitor, wireless, speakers, cordless phone etc.).

The lights on your Hub should face the room where will be most using broadband, so that the strongest signal goes to these devices.

Who is not eligible for QuickStart?

You will only be eligible for QuickStart self-install if there has previously been a Virgin Media connection at the property. However, even if you meet this criteria, there are some instances where you will not be able to either use or get QuickStart at your property. These instances include:

  • If your Virgin Media cable has been cut.
  • Your master socket is the wrong type for QuickStart installation, or your wall sockets are damaged.
  • The outdoor socket has metal sticking out through the plastic.
  • Your phone socket wire is frayed.
  • The white, indoor TV and broadband socket is not within 3 metres of your WiFi Hub and does not have its silver connector poking out.

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