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Want to know your energy efficiency?

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Looking to keep your gas and electricity bills low while maintaining good energy efficiency? If the answer is 'yes', the first step should be to audit your energy habits.

From switching lights off when you're not in the room to turning your appliances off or on standby, taking some small steps can add up to help make you more energy efficient and keep the cost of your energy bills down.

So what are you waiting for? Take our quiz and find out just how energy efficient you are.

1. How well insulated is your home?

A. Very - the loft and walls have been insulated and we have double glazing.

B. Fairly - we have thick curtains, draft excluders on most doors and double glazing.

C. Not at all - we have taken no steps to insulate our home.

2. How new is your boiler?

A. Very - it's brand new or was installed within the last 2 years.

B. Fairly - It's been installed for quite a while but does a decent job.

C. Not at all - We've had the same boiler for years and have never thought about replacing it.

3. Do you use LED light bulbs?

A. Yes - they're in every room of our house.

B. A few - We don't use them in all rooms, but most.

C. Not at all - We prefer to use halogen light bulbs.

4. Do you try to save water?

A. Yes - I have a water-saving shower head and try not to waste water.

B. Where I can - I try not to run the hose pipes too much, and don't run huge baths.

C. Not really - I don't think about it much and just use what I need.

5. Is your kettle eco-friendly?

A. Yes - I've recently just bought an eco-friendly kettle.

B. No, but I'm thinking of getting one - they sound interesting.

C. Never heard of them - I have no interest in an eco-friendly kettle.

How often do you switch energy deals?

A. Frequently - I switch providers regularly using Switchcraft.

B. Occasionally - I have switched energy providers in the past but found it to be a hassle.

C. Never - I've been with the same provider for years and have never considered switching.


Mostly As

Congratulations. You’re a veritable expert on energy efficiency. If you haven't done so already, you could look into other additions for your home to save even more, including installing solar panels, energy efficient lighting or a smart meter.

Mostly Bs

You’re well on your way to making your home more efficient, but there are some things you can do to make it even better. It's a big job, but getting your loft and walls insulated could really boost the efficiency of your home.

A new boiler and a good energy monitor could also help keep your energy prices low. You should also think about switching provider more often to get you a better deal and help you save up to £300!

Mostly Cs

It’s time to think about becoming more energy efficient – not only is it good for the environment, but it will save you money, too. If you haven’t already, got double glazing - it's a great place to start and you could even qualify for a grant to help save on the installation cost.

Other options to consider are to invest in an energy monitor so you can see how much energy you’re using day-to-day and make small changes – lights off, heating off when you’re not in etc. – to start saving and get those energy prices down.

Make sure to check out our energy saving tips for some more simple changes you can make to become more energy efficient.

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