Energy suppliers offering free gifts

Many energy suppliers offer free gifts when you switch to their service. Below we list some of the best supplier freebies but be wary - a free gift may be a nice perk, but it doesn’t mean you’re getting a great energy deal.

How to find suppliers offering free gifts?

Using lists like the one below is one way to track down freebies, however the incentives offered by different suppliers are always changing.

Another place to check is the supplier’s terms and conditions. If they’re running an offer it’s likely to feature in the T&Cs alongside details of how to redeem it. You’ll want to use find (ctrl + F) for terms like “voucher”, “offer”, “redeem” as otherwise it can take some time to read through.

When looking for deals it’s always worth checking your current supplier first in case they are offering perks to their existing customers.

Gifts for existing customers:

  • British Gas: If your energy is supplied by British Gas you can receive discounts and enter prize draws by signing up to their rewards program: British Gas Rewards.
  • Utility point: Similar to British Gas, Utility Point offer a free benefits program called Utility Points Rewards with discounts of up to 60% from high street stores.
  • Shell: Save 3% on up to 60 litres of fuel per month at Shell service stations by signing up to the Shell Go+ rewards programme.
  • Sainsbury’s energy: Frequently offer free gift vouchers to use in Sainsbury’s supermarkets to their energy customers.
  • OVO Energy: Earn 3-5% interest rewards when your Ovo Energy account is in credit.

Incentives for new customers:

  • Bristol Energy: Get a £15 voucher for BetterFood when you switch electricity to Bristol Energy using the code “BetterFood” or £30 if you switch both electricity and gas.
  • Spark: Get a £15 Amazon gift card when you successfully switch your electricity or gas supply to Spark.
  • EDF Energy: Get an Amazon Echo Dot when you sign up for a smart home tariff.

Note the above offers were live in January 2021, always check the expiry date before signing up.  

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Energy suppliers with referral schemes

Another way to get the most out of your energy supplier is to refer your friends to them. Again, we only recommend doing this if you’re on a genuinely good deal, otherwise your friend may be able to save more by going elsewhere.

If you are on a good deal referral offers are often unlimited so you can refer multiple friends and get a reward for each switch.

To refer a friend, you normally need to share a unique link or code for them to use when they sign up. If they offer a referral scheme your supplier will probably have sent you details of how to refer in an email, otherwise check their website.

Some of the best referral deals as of January 2021 are listed below.

Referral schemes that give you energy credit:

  • Scottish Power: Share £100 energy credit for every successful referral
  • Bulb: Get £50 when your friend switches their electricity and gas over to Bulb, or £25 if they just switch electricity or gas.
  • Octopus: Get £50 in energy credit for you and a friend when they switch to Octopus.

Referral schemes with gift cards or cashback:

  • OVO: Get a £50 M&S, John Lewis & Partners or Amazon Gift Card each when a friend switches to Ovo.
  • E.ON: Get an e-gift card to spend at a high street store of your choice. You'll both get £40.00 for a referral and a further £8.00 each if your friend has a smart meter fitted.
  • Igloo: Get £50 in Igloo Rewards each, this can be used as energy credit or on offers when available.

Don’t forget Switchcraft also offer a referral scheme if a friend uses our site to switch.

Should I switch supplier for the freebies?

No! The best energy deals on the market can save you hundreds of pounds compared to a bad one. Signing up for a bad deal because it comes with a voucher or referral bonus is not a good idea, and often supplier’s offering the best gifts have the worst deals. Always run a comparison and choose the best deal for you.

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