How bad is my carbon footprint?

These days we’re all watching our carbon footprint, but a few simple changes – better insulation, fewer flights, comparing energy providers – could cut yours drastically. Carbon emissions are a major contributor to global warming, but if everyone takes small actions in their day to day life it can go a long way to making a difference. And it’s ridiculously easy to switch gas and electricity to a greener provider; shop smarter or cut down on your red meat consumption, so there’s no excuse.

Why compare energy providers?

There are now some impressive sources of renewable energy including wind, hydro energy, solar energy and biomass. Both wind energy and hydro energy are popular choices with green energy suppliers. Solar panels can be added to your roof and biomass – i.e. heating your home through burning wood – is another option

It’s easy to change electricity supplier or gas provider to find a greener option and reduce that carbon footprint ASAP. Energy tariffs on offer include:

Energy Match – where your supplier matches the electricity you use (some or all of it) by producing renewable energy that feeds into the grid.

Carbon Offset – this tariff offsets your CO2 emissions. This could be by planting trees or contributing to CO2 rescuing projects.

Green investment – this tariff is similar to energy match, but the supplier also invests in renewable energy projects on your behalf.

You might assume that green energy tariffs are pricey, but this is not the case. Many suppliers offer very competitive green deals. And, in some cases, they are very affordable! Time to switch gas and electric to a green deal, pronto!

How to find a green energy tariff

If you want to make the switch to a greener electricity supplier or gas provider, we can help. We’re always here to help you find a great deal on your energy. But what we also do, when we’re looking for deals, is keep your energy preferences in mind.

So, when we’re searching the market for a great tariff, if you’ve told us renewable energy tariffs are important to you, that’s what we’ll look for. Want to find a green energy tariff that works for you? Click here to find out how we could find you a great deal – that’s good for your wallet and the planet!

What does your carbon footprint look like? Take our carbon calculator quiz to find out!

How well insulated is your home?

A – Very well insulated – I’ve had the roof done, the cavity walls done and have double glazing

B – I’ve got double glazing

C – I’ve got single glazing but do use draught excluders

How modern is your boiler?

A – I had a new boiler installed 2 years ago

B – The last people had a new one put in, maybe 5 years ago

C – Erm… it’s ancient

Do you use halogen light bulbs?

A – No I use LEDs

B – Yes, but only in a few rooms

C – Yes, they’re in every room

Do you compare energy providers who use renewable sources?

A – Yes, I’m on a green tariff that invests in renewable energy infrastructure for me

B – No, but I’d like to switch my gas and electricity to a greener provider

C – I didn’t know that was an option, I haven’t changed electricity supplier for ages

How often do you fly?

A – Once a year maybe, I tend to get the train or ferry to Europe

B – Two to three times a year

C – Four or more times a year

What sort of car do you drive?

A – An electric or hybrid

B – A petrol car

C – A diesel car

What sort of mileage do you cover?

A – 10,000 miles

B – 20,000 miles

C – 30,000 miles or more

Do you eat red meat?

A – I’m a vegan

B – Fairly often

C – At every meal

Are you a shopper or a recycler?

A – I recycle, make do and mend as much as I can

B – I try to buy quality products rather than cheap things that will get thrown away

C – I don’t really think about it


Mostly As

You’re doing a pretty good job of keeping that carbon footprint low. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your energy tariff as new green tariffs are coming onto the market all the time – and it’s easy to switch your gas and electricity as better options are developed.

 Mostly Bs

You’re trying, but you could do more. Better insulation in your home, as well as trying to make your travel, diet and consumption greener would make a big difference. Haven’t tried green energy? Compare energy providers with us and we’ll find you a green tariff that cuts costs and carbon emissions.

 Mostly Cs

Your carbon footprint is looking pretty large. But it’s easy to take action to cut it down. Simple things such as eating less red meat, changing your energy supplier and switching the type of light bulbs you use all add up. We can help you compare energy providers which offer renewable energy tariffs.

To get a more accurate reading of your carbon footprint, have a great Carbon Footprint calculator you can use to get you started.

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