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Take a quiz to find out how energy efficient you really are

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Looking to save money on your bills and keep energy prices low? The first port of call should be auditing your energy habits – don’t worry, it’s more fun than it sounds. There are some simple ways you can make your energy bills cheaper. Switching lights off, turning appliances onto standby, it all counts when it comes to saving you money and getting those energy prices down. According to Ofgem, you could save up to £300. Amazing, right? Think of those shiny new things you could buy with all that money saved! New sound system? Ooo. Fancy shoes? Yes, please. An electric guitar? Why not? Hmm… that got your attention! Want to see how energy efficient you are? Take our quiz below and see where you could improve.

How well insulated is your house?

  • It’s warm and toasty – the loft and cavity walls have been insulated and we have triple glazing (A)
  • It’s fairly warm, but feels chilly in winter – we have thick curtains, draft excluders on most doors and double glazing (B)
  • It’s drafty and cold – we have taken no measures to insulate our home (C)

How efficient is your boiler?

  • It’s brand new and seems very efficient (A)
  • It’s been around a few years and does a good job (B)
  • It’s struggling and probably needs replacing in the near future (C)

How close an eye do you keep on your energy consumption?

  • I watch my monitor like a hawk (A)
  • I don’t think about it that much, but I do always try to turn lights and unused appliances off (B)
  • I have literally never thought about it (C)

How much attention do you pay to the energy deal you’re on?

  • I switch providers regularly using Switchcraft to get the best gas and electric deals (A)
  • I have switched providers once or twice to get better energy deals, but it’s time consuming (B)
  • I have been with the same provider for ages. I never thought about trying to get my energy prices down. (C)

Do you try to save water?

  • Yes, I have a water-saving shower head and try not to waste water unnecessarily (A)
  • I try not to run huge baths or use the hose pipe too much (B)
  • I don’t really think about it, I just use what I need (C)

Is your kettle eco-friendly?

  • Yes, it’s the latest eco-friendly model (A)
  • No, but I was thinking about getting one – sounds interesting (B)
  • I have never heard of an eco-friendly kettle before (C)

Mostly As

You’re an energy hero, saving energy wherever you go. We bet you even turn lights off in other people’s houses, right? Congratulations. Other additions to your home that you could consider include, solar panels, energy efficient lighting or a smart meter.

Mostly Bs

You’ve made a great start on making your home more efficient, but there are some things you can do to make it even better. It is a big job but getting your loft and cavity walls insulated could really boost the efficiency of your home. A new boiler and a good energy monitor could also help keep your energy prices low. Plus, you need to think about switching provider more regularly to get a better energy deal – you could save up to £300.

Mostly Cs

It’s time to get stuck into a new plan for how efficient you are – not only is it good for the environment, but it will save you money. If you haven’t already got double glazing, this is a great place to start, and you may be able to get a grant for some money off the installation cost. For smaller steps to greatness, try getting an energy monitor so you can see how much energy you’re using day-to-day and make small changes – lights off, heating off when you’re not in – to start saving and get those energy prices down. Check out our energy saving tips for some more simple changes. Every step counts! Saving the planet and saving money, all at the same time? That’s too good to be true! Surely? Nope, simply flicking off a few lights; being smarter with your home improvements and getting a good energy deal could make a real difference to your bank balance – and the world. It all starts here.

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