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Swap energy supplier

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So, you want to swap energy suppliers? Fed up of energy prices creeping up on you? Searching for the cheapest energy provider, comparing offers and transferring your personal details and Direct Debits is time-consuming and, frankly, really dull. Read on to discover how easy moving energy suppliers is to do.

Why swap energy suppliers?

Well, comparing energy tariffs, and potentially making the change to a new energy supplier, can set you up to get the best deals on your gas and electricity. It’s tempting to keep paying your bills when they arrive and not bother shopping around for a new deal. But paying attention to what you’re paying and snooping around for new offers can save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, research by energy regulator Ofgem suggests that if you regularly swap your gas and electricity, it can make you a saving of up to £300 a year.

How to swap energy providers 

The usual process goes a bit like this:
    1. Spend your weekend comparing tariffs from different suppliers
    2. Call the potential new energy supplier when you find a deal.
    3. Ask the new supplier to help you change energy provider and tell your old supplier.
Still with me? You then need to:
    1. Take a meter reading to give to your new supplier.
    2. Pay your old supplier’s final bill and/or get a refund if you’re in credit.
    3. If you’ve made it this far and not given up, you’ve done well.
You’ll also need the following, every time you move your energy:
    1. The name of your current supplier
    2. The name of the deal you’re currently on and how much you usually spend.
    3. A meter reading.
    4. Your bank details.
    5. Your post code.
    6. Your Meter Point Access Number (or ‘MPAN’) and finally,
    7. Your Meter Point Reference Number (or ‘MPRN’).
Did we mention there's an easier alternative?

Change energy companies with Switchcraft 

You may have saved money searching and changing energy suppliers yourself, but, spent hours on end doing it. Our custom-made techonology saves you time and money, year after year. If you want to move your energy supply, our service does hard work for you. How do we do it? By both finding you great energy deals and moving suppliers for you, quickly and easily. Every time we change deals for you, we move all your details to the new supplier for you and set up your new Direct Debits. You don’t need to lift a finger.

Swap your energy supplier

To get the best deals, you need to regularly swap energy providers. Use our technology to compare energy or compare electricity deals and see how much you could save on your next energy bill.

About Switchcraft

We believe that everyone deserves a fairer deal on energy. Switchcraft is a free auto switching service that continually scours the market for better energy deals. Sign up in 3 minutes, and after that, we’ll automatically swap you to a better deal each year.