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Switchcraft vs the competition

Switchcraft offers a unique service to the energy switching world – a service that USwitch, Comparethemarket, GoCompare and other similar websites don’t offer.

At Switchcraft, we’ll save you money for life, not just on one switch.

What does Switchcraft offer that USwitch and other companies don’t?

Yes, like many energy switching services, we’ll help you find a better deal on your energy and switch you to a new provider.

But, what sets us apart is our technology, which gives you cheaper energy, forever.  So, you can take ‘look for a better deal’ off your to-do list permanently.

How do energy comparisons and switching work?

The best energy deals are always for new customers, whereas, as an existing customer you’ll be moved onto expensive tariffs, once your initial deal with a supplier has expired. So, it makes sense to do an energy comparison, search out those ‘new customer’ deals and switch energy suppliers to save money on your energy bills.

So far, so good, but switching can be a hassle – finding a new deal, moving your details over, setting up direct debits. This is where switching services and price comparison websites come in.

If you switch with a company like USwitch, Comparethemarket, Moneysavingexpert you’ll be switched onto a cheaper energy plan.

These websites can help you to do an energy comparison and look for better deals and some of them can even help you manage the switching process. But, if you’re not a Switchcraft customer, that’s where the service ends.

So, what happens when that plan you’ve switched to runs out? The supplier will move you onto an expensive ‘existing customer’ plan again.

You’re back to square one.

How does Switcraft's service work?

At Switchcraft, we do things differently. Our system keeps you on the best energy deal, forever. Your first switch is just the start.

When your first plan is due to expire, our system will switch you onto the best new deal. We will notify you and if you want to, you are able to opt out.

We’ll switch your energy supplier  – set up your new direct debit and move your details over to your new supplier – you don’t need to do a thing.

We’ll normally switch you about once a year to keep you on the best deal. It couldn’t be easier to switch and you will not only save time, but also save money on your energy bills.

So, how are services such as GoCompare, Comparethemarket or USwitch different?

In the first instance, they are similar – they take your details, help you do an energy comparison and switch. But then you’re left on your own.

At Switchcraft, once you join us you don’t need to worry about your energy bills ever again, because we’ll always have your back.

While you’re prepping for that client presentation, doing the school run or enjoying a few well-earned beers, our system is hard at work, scanning the energy market for great deals.

How do the savings compare?

The key reason to switch suppliers is, of course, to save money on your energy bills . And avoiding those expensive existing customer plans, can make a big difference. So, what sort of savings can switching energy suppliers get you? Well, at Switchcraft you could save up to £580 a year.

How does this compare? Well, Uswitch says it can save you up to £491; Comparethemarket says it could save you £219 a year and Money Saving Expert’s Cheap Energy Club says it could save you around £320 a year.

But, unlike other switching services, Switchcraft’s service is automated and ongoing, so with Switchcraft, you could be making these savings not just this year, but every year – without lifting a finger. We’re committed to finding you cheaper energy, forever.

Looking to change energy supplier?

To get the best deals, you need to switch energy providers. Use our technology to compare energy deals and see how much you could save on your next energy bill.

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