What is Ofgem?

Ofgem - short for 'Office of Gas and Electricity Markets' - was formed in 1999. It's a government body that acts as a watchdog and regulator - protecting the needs of consumers while promoting competition between gas and electricity companies.

To ensure they are operating in consumer's best interests, Ofgem is governed by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA).

What does Ofgem do?

Ofgem sets and regulates the energy price cap. The energy price cap which determines the upper limit of how much energy companies across the UK can charge per unit of energy.

While in most cases you won't need to contact Ofgem, they do oversee - and have influence over - most parts of the energy industry.

Ofgem also carries out work in the gas and electricity markets centred around their four core themes:

Value for money

Ofgem encourages energy companies to provide consumers with transparent information about their pricing and products - such as tariff options.

Supply security

Ofgem encourages network companies to keep interruptions to your power supply to a minimum. Generation and supply companies are incentivised to ensure that the energy taken from the National Grid balances with the energy their customers consume.


It’s Ofgem’s role to promote sustainability by limiting greenhouse gas emissions and increasing renewable power sources.

Government energy scheme delivery

Much of Ofgem’s work revolves around implementing and ensuring compliance for Government schemes like Feed-in Tariffs (FIT), the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the ECO Scheme. These schemes are part of the UK’s environmental sustainability targets.

How do Ofgem handle complaints?

Ofgem doesn't directly handle energy supplier complaints. Instead, as part of their market monitoring activity, they keep records about the number and type of complaints made about different energy providers.

Ofgem publishes this data and makes it publicly available, allowing you to check a supplier's performance over a range of areas.

How to contact Ofgem

You can contact Ofgem through the following methods:


0207 901 7295



If you have a complaint with an energy supplier that is still outstanding after 8 weeks, it's recommended you contact the Energy Ombudsman.

To read more about making a complaint about your energy supplier, see our guide.

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