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Switchcraft is on a mission to make managing household bills simple, easy and stress-free. As part of that we’ve created our automatic energy switching service.

How it works:

  • Get your quote online in seconds – all we need is your email, address and postcode. We can look up your energy usage and what supplier you’re with to save you the hassle of finding your bill.
  • We’ll show you all our energy deals and you can choose the one that suits you best. If you’re already on a good deal or should wait to avoid exit fees, we’ll tell you that too. Once you’re happy, we’ll need a few more details to complete your sign up.
  • Once we’ve found a deal, we’ll let you know the details, then start the switch process. Our London-based team liaise with your new energy supplier to manage the switch, keeping you informed at each step.
  • Our technology keeps scanning the market in case your new supplier puts their prices up. When you can save by switching again, we send you the details of your new plan and start your switch. If you don’t want to go ahead it’s easy to cancel, so you’re always in control.
  • As long as you’re happy with our service, you don’t need to do anything to stay on a great deal. You’ll never have to trawl through comparison sites again and you’ll never be on a bad rate. So you save money doing nothing.

Currently two out of three people are being overcharged for their energy. Switching suppliers is a simple way to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bill.

It’s important to switch regularly because the cheapest energy deals are 12 month fixed rate contracts. If you don’t switch when your contract ends, you’ll be rolled on to a Standard Variable Tariff which will charge a more expensive rate. To make the most of cheap fixed rate deals you need to switch supplier every year.

Automatic energy switching completely changes the way you, as a consumer, can find the best energy deals. At Switchcraft we take care of the whole process for you – saving you valuable time and energy. Our technology searches for the best energy deals – based on your preferences – and switches you to them automatically.

It makes the process transparent, easy and efficient and prevents you being caught out by ‘new customer’ energy plans that rollover onto more expensive plans. With Switchcraft, you’ll already be switched to a new supplier before the old supplier rolls you onto their pricey standard variable tariff. And we’ll keep switching you, automatically, as soon as each deal nears its end meaning no hassle for you.

We’re paid a commission by the energy suppliers that we switch our users to so that we can offer our service to you for free. We always present our deals in price order and never favour one of our suppliers over another.

When we find a great deal, we’ll email you 14 days before starting the switching process. If for any reason you don’t want to move supplier you can always say ‘NO’, by replying to the email or calling our London-based team. You can cancel the move with no consequences up to 14 days after initiating a switch, or up to 28 days after you receive our initial notification.

If you’re on a fixed plan, we’ll switch you within the last 7 weeks, so you won’t have to pay exit fees.

If you’re on a variable plan, we’ll normally switch you once a year. But if your supplier puts their prices up by more than 10%, we’ll switch you up to every six months.

Price comparison sites require users to regularly check that they are still on the cheapest deal. Switchcraft monitors your plan and switches you whenever there’s a better deal, so you never need to worry about switching again.

If you don’t opt for an automatic switching service, your other options are a reminder service or price comparison site. Reminder services can offer a full market comparison service but they are not able to switch you to a new deal. These services scan the market once a month to see whether you’ve got the cheapest gas and electric. If they find a cheaper deal, they will send you a reminder to switch, but you still need to switch yourself.

Reminder services leave the consumer with quite a bit of work to do. You have to pick the deal you want to switch to, and you have to dedicate time to signing up. You also risk the possibility of forgetting and rolling over to a standard variable tariff and being charged high fees for energy.

Our aim is to make sure everyone gets a fair deal on their energy, without the hassle. We work with a large selection of UK suppliers to ensure we can offer a range of great deals.

We may not always have the very cheapest deals on offer. Some suppliers don’t pass our tests for customer service and quality and some don’t work with switching services or price comparison sites.

Switchcraft works impartially with a large selection of UK suppliers.

In the last 12 months we have worked with: Avro Energy, Better Energy, Boost, British Gas, Co-operative Energy, E.ON, EDF Energy, Engie, GOTO Energy, Green, Green Star Energy, Igloo Energy, iSupplyEnergy, MoneyPlus Energy, Nabuh Energy, npower, Orbit Energy, OVO Energy, PFP Energy, ScottishPower, Simplicity Energy, So Energy, Spark Energy, Symbio Energy, The People’s Energy Company, Together Energy, Tonik Energy, Utilita, Utility Warehouse and Zebra Power.

Our technology scans the market to find the rates different suppliers are offering for your home. We combine this with data on your usage, exit fees and any preferences you’ve set (eg. green only) to find a deal for you.

Where possible we show you the cheapest deal that we have available, however we will pause suppliers if we experience significant issues with their customer service.

Smaller suppliers can offer some great tariffs.

In order to make the energy market more competitive, the government has allowed smaller providers some slight advantages over the bigger companies. Small energy companies are, for example, exempt from the Energy Company Obligation. This support from the government allows the smaller suppliers to make savings and these savings are, in turn, passed on to the customer. This means the smaller outfits can offer some of the best deals on the market. So, if you’re doing an energy comparison don’t forget to look outside of the Big Six.

Most importantly, smaller suppliers can offer some of the best customer service in the sector. With companies outside the Big 6 consistently topping customer service rankings.

Don’t worry, we can easily estimate how much energy you will use based on your previous energy plan and how many rooms your house has. As the saving calculation will be based on an estimated usage, your supplier will sometimes adjust how much they charge you as your exact usage levels become more apparent.

If you don’t know who the previous supplier is, don’t worry. In most cases we can identify your supplier just from your address.

In some cases, we won’t be able to identify your supplier in which case you can follow the steps below.

To find out who your gas supplier is call the Meter Point Administration Service to get details of your gas supplier. They can also give you your Meter Point Reference Number, or MPRN. Telephone: 0870 608 1524

To find out which electricity utility supplier supplies a property, contact your local electricity distribution company. Use the Energy Networks Association postcode search tool.

If you don’t know, you can still switch on our site, just leave the default energy supplier selected when asked for current supplier but be aware that the saving against current plan will be wrong. The price you pay in future will be adjusted by your energy supplier.

We take your direct debit details so we can pass them securely to the supplier we switch you to. This means they can set up your new billing without extra admin.

We never take any money from your account – our service is 100% free.

If you have a prepayment meter installed, we will not ask for bank details. We will only find and switch you to other prepayment tariffs.

No, we will pass on your details to your new supplier who will set up your new Direct Debit if you have a credit meter.

We automatically select Direct Debit as the payment method for customers with credit meters. This is because suppliers often offer substantial discounts for paying by Direct Debit, so we can ensure we’re getting you a great deal.

When the switch button is still grey and doesn’t switch to pink, it is likely that you have either missed one of the sections of the entry form or one of the sections that you have filled in is incorrect. To try and amend this, make sure you double check all the details you have submitted throughout the page.

If after double checking what you have entered, the switch button is still grey, contact the Switchcraft team. We will work hard to find a solution to the problem and hopefully process your switch as quickly as possible.

Your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) or Supply Number (S-Number) is the unique reference code that identifies your electricity meter. The number allows your new electricity company to identify your meter.

Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) or M-number is the unique reference code that identifies your gas meter. The number allows your new gas company to identify your meter.

Usually, your MPAN & MPRN can be found on your bill. If you’re struggling to find your MPAN or MPRN you can find out more from our energy guides:

We calculate your savings over a 12-month period assuming you stay on your plan until its end date, and then roll onto your supplier’s Standard Variable Tariff for the remainder of the 12 months. This is the method as regulated by Ofgem.

The total cost of your energy usage is also compared with what you would pay on each proposed new deal. It is important to be aware that sometimes you could be paying more for your energy after switching to a new deal, even when you are shown a projected saving. It will still be cheaper than not switching at all because you’ll avoid expensive Standard Variable Tariffs.

Yes, all prices displayed on our website include VAT

After you have entered your details on the Switchcraft website, the switch usually takes around 17 days to complete, but sometimes it may take slightly longer (up to three weeks).

For the first 14 – days, your switch enters a cooling-off period so you can still cancel the switch if you change your mind.

Your new supplier will be in contact with you anytime from the day you process your switch, to three weeks after the switch request. Different suppliers have different ways of getting in contact with their customers, but typically a new supplier will be in contact via email to confirm plan details and to confirm that they have taken over your energy supply from the previous supplier.

If after the three weeks has passed and you have not heard anything from your new supplier, contact the Switchcraft team. We will chase your new supplier for you and make sure that the switch is being processed as it should be.

When you choose your initial switch make sure you input the right tariff details so that our quoted savings take exit fees into account.

49 days before the end of your contract, you can switch suppliers with no exit fee charges. This is energy industry regulation which means that customers can switch before being rolled onto an expensive standard variable tariff at the end of their contract.

For nearly all switches that we initiate, we make sure our customers are in this 49-day and therefore you will not be charged exit fees.

In very rare cases, when the saving significantly outweighs the exit fees we may recommend switching earlier. You are always in control and can choose not to switch if you don’t want to.

No, you do not need to let your old supplier know that you have switched. When you switch energy suppliers with Switchcraft, we pass on the details you give us to your new supplier. When the new supplier takes over your energy supply, your old contract is cancelled, and a new contract is started. The old supplier will know that you have switched to another energy supplier.

No, there is no danger that your energy supply will turn off when you switch your energy from one provider to another. There’s no service stoppage at all and you can carry on as usual.

If you’re in credit, your old supplier should transfer the credit directly to your bank account once you’ve received your final bill. In some cases, you may be paid more quickly if you proactively contact them to ask for a refund. Energy regulations mean suppliers must reimburse you if you ask.

If you are in debt to your supplier, make sure you settle your final bill as soon as you can. If you are in debt over £500 per fuel, you will not be able to switch suppliers and your switch will be blocked until the debt is repaid.

Switchcraft will pass on your details to the new supplier and the payment will be taken the following month. If you have anything outstanding with your previous supplier, you may need to settle a bill or you may even be due a refund.

By cancelling the Direct Debit, you will ensure that your old supplier cannot charge you and you are paying only what you owe to the old supplier. Don’t cancel your Direct Debit if you owe them money.

Firstly, you need to make sure you don’t have any debt attached to your prepayment meter. Then, you need to compare utilities, switch to a credit meter supplier and get a credit meter installed.

Changing utility supplier takes around 17 days, but it may take longer to physically install a new meter. Installation can take a while and there may also be fees to pay to cover the cost of this. It’s also worth bearing in mind that each of the big six energy companies has slightly different rules and schedules for the replacement of prepayment meters. It’s worth looking into specific companies to compare utilities and then make a switch.

No, fixing power cuts is the responsibility of your local distributor, not your energy supplier. This will not change when you switch tariff.

If you are experiencing power cuts anywhere in the UK, you can call 105 to report it to your local distributor.

No, the new supplier will take over your existing electricity and/or gas meters. They use the same infrastructure that you already have in place.

For most customers we will switch you once a year, before you are rolled onto a more expensive Standard Variable tariff.

If you’re on a fixed plan, we’ll switch you within the last 7 weeks, so you won’t have to pay exit fees.

If you’re on a variable plan, we’ll normally switch you once a year. But if your supplier puts their prices up by more than 10%, we’ll switch you up to every six months.

Every switch has a 14-day cooling off window in which you can easily cancel your switch, with no consequences. Simply reply to one of our emails saying you don’t want to switch or contact the Switchcraft team.

You can manage your account by logging in to our customer area. If you haven’t logged in previously you may need to hit the “get password” button to receive your log in details.

If you can’t find what you need in the customer area then get in touch with the Switchcraft team.

Make sure to let us know if you move home, your contact details change or there is a significant change to your energy usage.

Refer a friend to Switchcraft and we’ll give you both £20 when they switch suppliers using our service.

To be eligible for payment your friends simply need to sign up through your unique referral link. You should have been sent the link when you first signed up or you can find it by entering your email here.

If you’re a Switchcraft customer already, make sure you let us know if you’re planning a move and let us know your new address. Email hello@switchcraft.co.uk to update us with your new details.

You then have two options. Firstly, you can carry over the same energy deal you’re currently on to your new house. To do this, contact your existing supplier and change your address details directly with them – this is super simple and won’t take very long to do at all.

Alternatively, you can let your current supplier know that you are leaving the tariff and then re-switch in the new home after you have taken on the previous owner’s energy plan. If you switch electricity supplier or gas provider once you’ve moved to the new home, you may even get a better deal than the one you were on in your old place.

At Switchcraft we take data security very seriously. Our customer data is stored in cloud services, which use state of the art encryption technology to keep it 100% secure. We are also registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

To cancel your Switchcraft account just reply to one of our emails or you can find our contact details here.

If a small supplier does go under, you’re very well protected by Ofgem who will move you to a new supplier immediately – you don’t need to do anything. There will be no gap or pause in your energy supply at all. You will be informed via email which supplier will be taking over your supply from the previous supplier. The new energy supplier or provider you’ll be transferred to is known as the Supplier of Last Resort.

If you have made any errors when processing your switch, contact the Switchcraft team to amend your details. If you have made a spelling error on your application, this can be amended very easily in our system. If you have switched to the wrong supplier, we may need to cancel your switch and re-switch you.

Your regular Direct Debit is based on how much energy your supplier expects you to use. If, for example, Winter is coming, they might set it at a higher level if you use a higher energy usage. If you do feel your Direct Debit amount is too high, get in contact with your energy supplier.

Firstly, check your spam folder. Your confirmation may have been sent to the wrong folder. Secondly, get in touch with our team and we will get back to you promptly.

We will then forward you your confirmation letter which details your new energy plan, your switch information and what will happen next. It also includes a reference number for your switch so if you have any trouble, we can find your switch quickly.

Yes, we can support economy 7 meters. If you have an economy 7 meter and are experiencing any issues during sign up, please get in touch with the Switchcraft team.

Unfortunately, we do not support Economy 10 meters as these meters normally require special tariffs.

Yes, although some smart meters may lose their smart functionality when switching to certain tariffs. In this case they switch to a more traditional meter and you will need to send meter readings to your supplier when requested.

Yes, but as this is a more complex set up you may have to get in touch with the Switchcraft team in order to complete your sign up.

Yes, you can filter for tariffs that support the Warm Home Discount by selecting “Preferences” at the top of our quote page.

Yes, if you’re already on a good deal or switching would lead to exit fees you can still sign up and we’ll switch you when your tariff is ending. Just go through our sign-up process as normal and choose to sign up now, switch later.

Yes, if you have a prepayment meter we can still compare and switch you to other prepayment tariffs.

If you’re looking to move away from prepayment tariffs you will need to switch to a credit meter, you can find details for how to do this above.

Unfortunately, we do not currently cover Northern Ireland as they have a different system to the rest of the UK.

Yes, if you have a feed-in tariff and you switch supplier you will only be billed by your new supplier for the energy you use. Your payments from your feed-in tariff provider will not be affected. Please also be aware that the FIT rates are set by Ofgem so the concept of shopping around does not work in the same way (for the energy that you sell only).

Yes, if you’re already in a fixed term contract you can still sign up. Make sure you enter your tariff details correctly and we’ll take exit fees into account when calculating your saving.

If it doesn’t make sense to switch now you can still sign up and we’ll let you know when it is time to switch. Just go through our sign up process as normal and choose to sign up now, switch later.

Yes, simply sign up to our service with your new address.

Yes, you can still compare prices and sign up to our service. Once a switch is initiated, if you are in debt to your supplier, make sure you settle your final bill as soon as you can.

If you are in debt over £500 per fuel, you will not be able to switch suppliers and your switch will be blocked until the debt is repaid.

Yes, you can still use Switchcraft with solar panels. If you have a feed-in tariff and you switch supplier you will only be billed by your new supplier for the energy you use. Your payments from your feed-in tariff provider will not be affected. Please also be aware that the FIT rates are set by Ofgem so the concept of shopping around does not work in the same way (for the energy that you sell only).

No, Switchcraft is a domestic energy automatic switching site. If you have a small business in a domestic setting, we may be able to switch your energy for you, but we will be unable to switch you to business energy usage levels.

Yes, when you sign up you can choose to only switch to green tariffs. Simply select the “Preferences” button, which will appear at the top of the page with your quotes and check the “green only” box.

Unfortunately, we do not support gas only switches. We can switch electricity only or both electricity and gas (dual fuel) at the same time.

Yes, although you will be asked for a mobile number.

Some energy suppliers have specific requirements to sign up for their service. One of these requirements is a mobile phone number which is why it is required on our website. Even though you are asked to provide a mobile number, the primary form of contact from energy suppliers is via email. Therefore, if you enter a mobile number into our website that you rarely use, this will not be a problem. If you do not have a mobile phone, get in touch with the Switchcraft team.

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