MPAN Numbers

MPAN numbers

If you’re looking to change electricity suppliers or move house, you’ll need your MPAN number to hand. Find out what they are and where you can find yours.

What is an MPAN number?

MPAN means ‘Meter Point Administration Number’ and is sometimes known as a ‘Supply number’, ‘S number' or 'electricity supply point number'. MPANs are for electricity meters and you can find yours on an old bill usually in a curved rectangle with smaller square and rectangles within it. 

MPANs contain a series of smaller sequences of numbers that include; a profile class, meter time switch code, line loss factor, the distributor ID, meter point ID number and a check digit.

Where to find your MPAN

Your MPAN will start with an ‘S’ (hence S number) and will be 21 digits long although you’ll only need to take down the last 12 or 13 digits which are the distributor ID, meter point ID number and the check digit. One point to note is, your MPAN number is different from your Meter Serial Number (MSN), which you can find on the meter itself, and your customer reference number which is usually printed on your bill.

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Find your MPAN online

You can access your MPAN number online on the UK Power website. You’ll need to enter your address and take down the number of your regional distributor which, you can also find on the site. 

Why you need your MPAN

No two MPAN numbers are alike and are associated with a property rather than an energy supplier. That means if you switch energy companies, your details will change but not your MPAN. That said, you’ll still need to give your MPAN and MPRN number to the new supplier.

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