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Meter Serial Numbers

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If you suspect there’s something wrong with your meter or, you think you’re being billed incorrectly, you’ll need to know your Meter Serial Number (MSN) to get it checked out. Find out more, including where to find your MSN.  

What is a Meter Serial Number?

A Meter Serial Number (MSN), or Meter ID, is a unique set of letters and numbers, or sometimes just numbers, particular to a gas or electricity meter. Often confused with MPRN, MPAN and supply point numbers, an MSN is used by energy suppliers to provide correct billing to your address.

Where to find your Meter Serial Number

Your Meter Serial Number can be found on an online or paper bill and on the actual meter itself. On your energy bill, the MSN is usually under the ‘Meter Readings’ section. If you have access to both a bill and the meter, both MSNs should match.

Where to find your electricity Meter Serial Number

Your electricity meter’s MSN will be located above or below the barcode on the front part of the meter. Note that, on some older electricity meters, there might not be a barcode.

Where to find your gas Meter Serial Number

For your gas meter, you should also find your MSN located above or below the barcode if there is one. Gas Meter Serial Numbers are typically longer than electricity MSNs.

Why you need to know your MSN

As previously mentioned, the MSN on your bill should be the same as the one on the meter itself. If not, it’s possible that you’re being billed for one of the properties near or next to yours and, paying the wrong amount. It’s particularly important to check that your MSNs (on your bill and meter) match when you move into a new property as mix-ups can take place when an energy supply/house changes hands.

MSNs for energy suppliers

Meter Serial Numbers can be used in cases where both your MPRN and MPAN numbers can’t be located. The existing or new supplier will often take this instead to help locate the correct property for an energy switch or upgrade. 

Although rare, over time, some properties such as council blocks have had to change their registered address. This means that some homes or national energy databases may have the wrong MSN associated with a particular property (meter). If this is the case, it could result in paying the wrong amount for your energy and/or make switching suppliers take longer than usual.

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