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How to set up energy bills when you move house

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When moving house, people often wonder how to switch energy bills over to their new place. Well, thankfully it’s pretty easy – as we’re sure you’ve got plenty to get on with as it is! Whether you’re a first time buyer or just renting a new flat, find out everything you need to know to set up your gas and electricity bills.

How do I set up gas and electricity in my new home?

If you’re on a fixed tariff at your old property, you can carry over the same energy deal to your new house. This will avoid triggering exit fees for ending your tariff early.

To do this, contact your existing supplier and change your address details directly with them. It’s usual to let them know around 48 hours before you move. They will need to know a forwarding address and the date you plan to move. They’ll also need a final meter reading so they can calculate a final bill. This is well worth doing to make sure you’re not overcharged.

If you are on a tariff with no exit fees it’s normally easiest to close your current energy account by getting in touch with your supplier and then find a new deal at your new property. This is especially worthwhile as energy companies often reserve their best deals for new customers.

To find a deal in your new home after you have moved in start by finding out the supplier listed at your new property. Then you can run a comparison and switch to a new deal. Make sure you switch as soon as possible after moving in, as it’s likely the property will be on an overpriced standard variable rate until you switch.

Similarly, if you’re setting up bills for the first time find out who the supplier is at your new property straight away, then run a comparison and choose your new energy deal.

I’ve recently moved, how can I find out who my new energy supplier is?

If you’re in touch with them, remember to ask the previous tenants or landlord who the energy supplier is. But don’t worry if you forget, there are lots of other ways to find out. Try calling the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 or, you can enter your address at findmysupplier.energy.

Alternatively, run a comparison with Switchcraft we’ll automatically detect your energy supplier, if it’s listed in the industry databases.

How do I set up bills if I’m a first-time buyer?

If you’re a first-time buyer, and you don’t already have an energy account then you don’t need to do anything before moving in. On the day you move in take a meter reading and look up who the energy supplier is for your new property. You can then run a comparison and switch to a new energy deal.

It’s important to switch early as you will probably be on the suppliers most expensive tariff by default until you sign up for a new one.

I’m locked into a fixed deal; how can I avoid exit fees when I move out?

Most suppliers will not charge exit fees if you transfer your tariff to your new home. Get in touch with your supplier to tell them when you’re moving and ask them to transfer the tariff.

They will need a meter reading to issue your final bill and close the account on your current property, and they will need your new address and move in date to set up the tariff in the new property.

How do I set up utilities if I’m renting?

Unless bills are included in your agreement with the landlord you will be responsible for paying for utilities while you are renting your new house. When you move in always start by taking a meter reading. Then run an energy comparison and set up a new energy contract.

If you are responsible for the bills then you are free to choose a new energy supplier.

How can I avoid an overlap in my utility bills when I move home?

Make sure that you take a final meter reading when you move out of your old property. It’s worth taking a photo and saving it somewhere safe so you have evidence of the usage if there is a dispute. Once you have your final meter reading tell your supplier that you are moving out and ask for a final bill. This will ensure you don’t pay for any electricity that you haven’t used.

Note that some suppliers take energy payments in advance and some collect them at the end of the month. If your new supplier takes payments in advance, you may have to make 2 payments in the month you move. However, you cannot be billed for the same energy twice.

I’m being billed for my old house and my new one, what can I do?

If there’s an error with your billing and you are charged twice, start by getting in touch with the supplier. Email them with any evidence such as final meter readings and ask for a refund. If they fail to resolve the issue you can raise a complaint with the energy ombudsman.

My new home has a prepay meter, what should I do?

If your new house is fitted with a prepayment meter, then you will need a top up key or card. You may be able to get this from the previous tenants or you might need to contact the supplier to ask for a new one to be arranged.

If there is no credit in the meter when you arrive most prepay meters will have a button that lets you run on emergency credit for a short period of time.

Once you’ve moved in it’s worth checking if you can switch to a credit meter as these will generally offer much better rates per unit of energy used.

Will I have gas and electricity in my new house when I first move in?

Yes. It is very rare for a home to be disconnected even if it’s empty. A supplier will be responsible for supplying your home, this will probably be the supplier that the previous tenants were using.

Can I change my energy supplier as soon as I move into my new home?

Yes, as soon as you move in you can start a switch to a new deal. There is always a 2-week cooling off period for any switch, where you can cancel the switch with zero consequences.

I’m a Switchcraft customer what should I do?

Contact us and let us know your new address and your moving date. We’ll transfer your account to your new property and make sure you stay on a great energy deal.

I need a utilities moving checklist!

There’s a lot to remember but it boils down to a few simple steps:

Before you move:

  • Let your current supplier know that you are moving

Moving day:

  • Take a final meter reading in your current property
  • Take a first meter reading in your new property

After you move:

  • Find out your new energy supplier
  • Run a price comparison and switch to a new deal

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