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Making energy supplier complaints

Find out more about making energy supplier complaints. Whatever your dispute is with your energy provider, keep reading to get the right information about getting your complaint heard and resolved.

Energy supplier complaints

Problems with your energy supplier or provider can be the stuff of nightmares. In most cases, you should go to them directly to make an energy supplier complaint. Usually, these can be mistakes by the suppliers that they can easily rectify on the spot. Common energy supplier complaints include:

  • billing

  • payment disputes including refunds

  • customer service issues

  • installation and equipment problems and

  • matters concerning switching suppliers.

What should I do before complaining

Prior to making your complaint make sure you've collected all previous communications with your supplier. Make sure you’ve got your account details ready and take note of who you’re speaking to, the date and time (if by telephone) and the nature of the problem. It’s a good idea to create a paper trail for your complaint by following-up your phone call with an email. If you do send a letter, you could pay by recorded delivery to make sure you have proof of the date and time it was sent and received.

What happens next?

That depends. Hopefully, your supplier will be able to sort out the issue and you can carry on using them as your energy provider. If you need assistance, the energy regulator and watchdog, Ofgem can assist you through the complaint process and if it’s still not settled, you can then take your case to the Energy Ombudsman if:

  • You have a deadlock letter (or letter of deadlock)from your supplier. A deadlock letter means they accept they cannot resolve your issue and allows you to forward your case early to the Energy Ombudsman

  • You’ve received a decision letter from the supplier and you do not agree with it

  • The supplier hasn’t responded with either a deadlock or decision letter within 12 weeks of your complaint or 8 weeks if you’re with any of the big six energy companies.

  • For additional information making energy supplier complaints, take a look at the role of the Energy Ombudsman or Ofgem before taking your complaint forward.

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